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Rice review – office politics brought sharply to life

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The Orange Tree theatre is creating a series of internationally focused plays with Actors Touring Company (ATC). Rys, their new co-production, fits the bill nicely. Written by the Asian-Australian playwright Michele ...

Is Engeland terug kantoor toe??

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Sedert die bevel om tuis te werk opgehef is, werkers in Engeland is terug kantoor toe - maar meestal slegs 'n paar dae per week. Joanna Partridge kyk of werk ooit weer dieselfde sal wees ...

Eight killed after plane crashes into Milan office building

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A small single-engined plane carrying six passengers and a crew of two has crashed into the side of an empty two-storey office building in a Milan suburb, killing everyone onboard. Investigators opened an inquiry into...

‘Zoom dysmorphia’ is here to stay despite a return to the office

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Jane, a 40-year-old mental health professional from Cork, never worried too much about how she looked. But when her job went fully virtual, she found herself dreading Microsoft Teams meetings. Her face looked rounder,...

Home Office, Foreign Office and MoJ worst for openness, finds report

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The Home Office, the Foreign Office and the Ministry of Justice have been named as the worst-performing government departments for transparency by a leading thinktank. A report by the Institute for Government (IFG) hy het...

Home Office resisting calls to let asylum seekers work in the UK

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Priti Patel’s department is resisting growing demands to allow asylum seekers to work following a public intervention from her cabinet colleague Dominic Raab to say that he would be “open-minded’ about the proposal. L...

Searches for homes near train stations jump as UK returns to the office

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The move back to the office following the lifting of coronavirus restrictions has prompted a surge in searches for homes for sale close to commuter stations, according to property website Rightmove. The property porta...

‘It’s awkward’: how UK workers hired remotely feel returning to the office

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Alexandra was delighted when she landed a new job in the midst of the pandemic. The 55-year-old felt she had bonded with her new colleagues online and looked forward to meeting them face-to-face once the lockdown was ...

Home Office planned speedy removal of Vietnamese trafficking victims

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The Home Office detained more than 100 Vietnamese nationals who arrived on small boats in May but planned to speedily remove them from the UK despite them being potential victims of trafficking, the Guardian has learn...

Buitelandse kantoor 'het Britse kritici in die Verenigde Koninkryk gewaarsku oor uitlewerisiko in die buiteland'

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Die Verenigde Koninkryk het sommige Hongkong -kritici in die Verenigde Koninkryk gewaarsku oor die buitelandse reise, volgens die vooraanstaande advokaat vir menseregte, Bill Browder, beklemtoon kommer oor die grensoverschrijdende bereik van die Chinese gebied..

Johnson’s revamped cabinet cram into office – with no masks

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Boris Johnson’s new cabinet has met for the first time, assembling without masks in a packed room, as the prime minister delivered what he termed a “half-time pep talk” to his revamped team. Photos of the meeting show...

Home Office hotels for asylum seekers ‘akin to detention centres’ – report

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Conditions in hotels used by the Home Office to accommodate asylum seekers during the pandemic are akin to detention centres, according to a report that also says accommodation is often sub-standard and sometimes unsa...

Six countries invited to arms fair are on Foreign Office human rights list

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Six nations listed by the Foreign Office as “human rights priority countries” have been invited by the British government to send delegations to Europe’s biggest arms fair, which begins in London’s Docklands on Tuesda...

Double duty: hybrid outfits suit the mood for return to the office

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When Kristen Stewart wore pale jade-coloured Chanel trousers under a dress at the Venice film festival last week, comments on the Instagram page of Stewart’s stylist Tara Swennen included: “She looks great but looks l...

Facebook office cleaner who led protests at London site fears for his job

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Facebook’s facilities management firm has demanded the removal of a union activist leading a campaign against “impossible workloads” imposed on exhausted cleaners at the US tech giant’s London offices. Emails seen by ...

Audit office blames UK government for botched £1.5bn green homes scheme

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A “botched” scheme to insulate England’s draughty homes collapsed after six months because officials rushed its design, put in place an undeliverable timetable, and failed to heed industry warnings, Whitehall’s spendi...

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