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What’s Boris Johnson offering in his crime reduction plan?

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What is the government’s new crime plan? It is a phalanx of announcements and measures the government claims will cut crime and make the public feel safer. There is some more money for medium to long-term measures suc...

The Offering review – a sizzling Hitchcockian love triangle

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This is a Catalan neo-noir from director Ventura Durall that has a certain literary class: it’s wrapped in Hitchcockian shadow, fascinated by questions of identity, desire and time. But it’s a shame that Durall doesn’...

Normalising special needs: the Kabul school offering hope

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Laughter and excited chatter burst out of the colourfully painted classrooms. In a quiet garden schoolhouse amid the jam-packed Afghan capital, Kabul, pupils run around, study and play in the country’s first official ...

Offering twice-weekly Covid tests is futile without proper support for self-isolators

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Hierdie week, the government announced plans to give those living in England the opportunity to be tested twice a week in a bid to ease the country out of lockdown. Increased testing is a vital tool, but it is only effec...

UK government may start offering financial rewards for becoming healthier

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The government is expanding access to weight loss services and may start offering people financial rewards for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as part of the fight against obesity. The Department of Health and Social ...