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Lewandowski at the double as Bayern Munich offer Barcelona reality check

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“This will be an interesting game to draw conclusions about where we are,” Ronald Koeman had said. La respuesta, as they suspected, was a long way from aspiring to win the Champions League. Thirteen months later Barcelo...

UK to offer £265m in subsidies for renewable energy developers

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Renewable energy developers will compete for a share in a £265m subsidy pot as the government aims to support a record number of projects in the sector through a milestone subsidy scheme later this year. Under the sch...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: North Korea rejects Covax offer; Australia secures vaccine swap with UK

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North Korea’s Kim Jong-un has ordered officials to fight Covid in ‘our style’ while Australia’s Scott Morrison says he has secured an extra 4m vaccine doses from Britain

Caldor fire: changing winds offer hope as firefighters battle blaze near Lake Tahoe

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With winds finally turning in their favor, firefighters are throwing all their resources into boxing a California blaze burning mere miles from Lake Tahoe and neighboring Nevada. Three days of fiercely gusting winds h...

Hundreds of Britons offer to host Afghan refugees after fall of Kabul

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Hundreds of Britons have offered to host Afghan refugees in their homes since the UK government started evacuation flights after the fall of Kabul. En agosto, 998 people have signed up to be hosts with Rooms for Refug...

What exactly do Ian Botham and John Cleese offer ‘global Britain’?

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It’s easy to find out when Ian Botham last played cricket, because there is Wisden, but it’s hard to find out when John Cleese was last funny. Some people think he had some moderately amusing lines in A Fish Called Wa...

Caballos que hablan: Goodwood and York crowds offer hope for racing recovery

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We are a little over a month into the resumption of racing with full attendance and crowd figures, at the sport’s biggest venues at least, are as strong as anyone could have realistically hoped to see. Two major Festi...

Taliban offer restraintbut all the signs suggest that it’s only for show

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The first time the Taliban took Kabul, 25 years ago they tortured and killed former President Mohammad Najibullah, dragged his body behind a truck through the streets, then hung it from a lamp-post. La semana pasada, with Ka...

Bayern Munich changes on and off pitch offer hope to Bundesliga rivals

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If you thought Pep Guardiola had a tough act to follow when picking up from Jupp Heynckes’s historic treble-winning season in 2013, spare a thought for Julian Nagelsmann. As he takes the reins at Bayern Munich, who ar...

Morrisons suitor CD&R given more time to make rival offer

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The bidding war for Morrisons has taken another twist after one of its suitors, the US private equity group Clayton, Dubilier & Arroz, was given more time to consider a rival offer. The UK’s Takeover Panel, which r...

Employers offer golden hellos of up to £10k amid worker shortage

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Employers are offering signing-on fees of up to £10,000 to tempt “gold dust” applicants as more than 1.1m jobs in the UK remain unfilled, with the pingdemic worsening a shortage of workers caused by Brexit and a lack ...

Electric trains offer the best route to greener transport

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The experiment with electric lorries on the M180 (UK government backs scheme for motorway cables to power lorries, 27 mes de julio) is laughable when compared with the lack of interest shown by the government in furthering ra...

Mental health memes are everywhere – can they offer more than comic relief?

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Cuando, more than a decade ago, I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, I turned to the internet to learn more about my condition. Back then, the effects of trauma weren’t exactly unknown, but they weren’t ...

Nurses’ pay in England to fall 7% in a decade even after government offer

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Pay for nurses and other NHS staff in England will have fallen in real terms by more than 7% ya que 2010, even if they accept the latest offer from the government, according to new analysis that will fuel rising anger ...

Just camp in my garden: new websites offer private pitches

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You’ve done glamping, you’ve tried wild camping, but are you ready to embrace camping in other people’s gardens? A new travel website launching this month may just push more of us to do so, with its collection of pitc...

Meghan, good luck with your feminist show but can I offer some tips?

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Still smarting from its reckoning in 2018, Hollywood’s new politics is starting to seep out in its products. We have had a slew of feminist films and TV series and, in particular, feminism set in the past: The Favouri...

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