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Ukrainian offensive forces Russia to bolster troops in occupied south

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Russia is moving large numbers of troops to Ukraine’s south for battles against the country’s forces through the newly occupied territories and Crimea, according to Ukraine’s deputy head of military intelligence. If R...

Dynasty is a horrid, crass, offensive show – so why can’t I stop binge-watching it?

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Dynasty – and I mean 80s Dynasty – was a worldwide television phenomenon. It was the No 1 show in the US in 1985, seen in countries across the globe. I never watched it back then. I was in college, and didn’t have a T...

Brexit and other offensive words starting with the letter B

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I would love to have been a fly on the wall when the subject of the EU came up during the meetings between Boris Johnson and Ukraine’s President Zelenskiy. How could Johnson, master of bullshit, have possibly handled ...

‘It’s a horror show’: defiant Kharkiv residents return home despite new Russian offensive

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When Tatyana Marchenko, 63, returned to her home in Kharkiv earlier this month, she entered a world of destruction. Clothes and children’s toys were scattered over the paths between the burned-out buildings, many of w...

Grossly offensive conduct to become a crime in Victoria

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Victorians who engage in grossly offensive conduct in public are set to face up to five years in jail under a bill introduced to state parliament, raising concerns among lawyers who say the proposed new offence could ...

Quali sono le prospettive per l'Ucraina dopo l'offensiva russa nel Donbas?

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I recenti progressi russi nel Donbas portano a una domanda inevitabile: se le tattiche indiscriminate impiegate dal Cremlino saranno un modello per future offensive. Con segnalazioni di un gran numero di truppe...

Stinky cheese: Victorian producer receives $9,000 fine for offensive ‘sour milk’ odour

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A Victorian cheesemaker has been fined more than $9,000 over an offensive odour likened to that of “sour milk with earthy characteristics” when facing into the wind. Yarra Valley Dairy, in the town of Yering, was slap...

Keir Starmer hosts Israeli Labor party in charm offensive ahead of local elections

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Keir Starmer and senior shadow cabinet ministers have launched a charm offensive while hosting officials from Israel’s Labor party, including taking them door-knocking for the local elections in Barnet, Londra nord. ...

Civilians flee eastern Ukraine ahead of new Russian offensive

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Civilians have fled eastern Ukraine in advance of a widely forecast attack and Russian forces closed in on the ruins of the southern city of Mariupol, as Vladimir Putin insisted Moscow’s invasion would achieve what he...

Austrian chancellor to meet Putin in Russia amid warnings of fresh offensive against Ukraine

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Austria’s chancellor is set to meet Vladimir Putin on Monday, the Russian president’s first face-to-face meeting with an EU leader since ordering the invasion of Ukraine, amid warnings of a fresh offensive and shellin...

Hundreds of US geographic sites to be renamed to eliminate offensive words

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US officials have come up with a list of potential replacement names for hundreds of geographic sites in three dozen states that currently include an offensive word, kicking off a public comment period that will run t...

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