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Ex-Tory adviser married to Tory MP will help choose Ofcom chair

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A former Tory adviser who is married to a Conservative MP will help select the next chair of the media regulator Ofcom, the government has confirmed. Michael Simmonds worked as an adviser to Conservative ministers dur...

Lobbyist at firm with close ties to Tories will help select Ofcom chair

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A lobbyist at a company with close connections to the Conservative party will help select the next chair of the media regulator, it has been announced, after ministers cleared the former Daily Mail editor to apply for...

Britons getting less tolerant of racist language on TV, Ofcom finds

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Britons are increasingly concerned by the use of racist and transphobic language on television but much more tolerant of swearing, according to the media regulator’s latest investigation into changing social attitudes...

BBC Three set to return as TV channel after Ofcom gives green light

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BBC Three is set for a triumphant return as a TV channel after media regulator Ofcom gave it the provisional greenlight to return to broadcast television, six years after the corporation took it off air because its yo...

Ofcom accused of institutional racism over Dispatches Traveller episode

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The Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) community has accused Ofcom of institutional racism over a decision to clear a controversial Channel 4 documentary about Traveller crime. The programme-makers of the Dispatches docu...

Ofcom clears Piers Morgan over Meghan comments

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The media watchdog has ruled that Piers Morgan’s criticism of the Duchess of Sussex on ITV’s Good Morning Britain did not breach the broadcasting code despite a record number of complaints about his comments. Morgan, ...

Ofcom quits Stonewall LGBT+ scheme over ‘risk of perceived bias’

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Ofcom has announced its withdrawal from a diversity scheme run by LGBT+ charity Stonewall. The communications regulator said in a statement it has withdrawn from the Stonewall Diversity Champions programme because of ...

Ofcom chief slams social media giants over Euro 2020 racist messages

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The head of Britain’s communications regulator will vow to take on social media firms over their failure to weed out online abuse this week, as she condemns their lack of success in dealing with the racism aimed at th...

Piers Morgan’s GMB Meghan comments attract record Ofcom complaints

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Two episodes of Good Morning Britain in which Piers Morgan’s comments about the Duchess of Sussex’s interview with Oprah Winfrey led to him quitting the show have attracted the most complaints to the regulator in its ...