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Riders of Justice review – oddly life-affirming revenge comedy

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A former military man is driven to avenge the death of his wife with brutal, at times overly enthusiastic efficiency. It’s a fairly generic revenge movie premise. tuttavia, in the hands of Danish director and co-writer...

Embattled review – oddly compelling and nuanced cage fighting family drama

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Part classic montage-showdown sports movie, part southern gothic Oedipal family drama, this decidedly peculiar but oddly compelling film is the proverbial curate’s egg. The plot revolves around the fraught relationshi...

Paddy McGuinness: watching people telling lies is oddly irresistible

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It seems, lately, that whenever a television show arrives promising a brave new format, my first thought is: “There’s no way I’m watching that.” I had it with The Masked Singer. I had it with The Wall, the quiz show w...