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Biden’s climate agenda faces yet another obstacle: Kyrsten Sinema

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The most ambitious attempt yet to pass climate legislation in the US may have surprisingly won the crucial backing of a senator who owns a coal company. Now it faces a further, deeply ironic, obstacle – a lawmaker who...

Like a frenzied gameshow contestant, Boris Johnson leaps every obstacle

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How long will Boris Johnson last? In moments such as these it is common to look at precedents, but that is difficult: no past prime minister has played the game of survival quite like him. The best comparison point fo...

Our Time on Earth review – ear-splitting obstacle course of barmy solutions to the climate crisis

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“Breathe,” whispers the disembodied voice in the darkened threshold to the Barbican’s Curve gallery. “Just one breath, shared by all living things.” The air we breathe comes from sea creatures and trees, it tells me, ...

Jiggery-wokery: the real obstacle to a united front on Ukraine

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Beware the journalistic use of the word “we”. It’s a slippery pronoun that can slide from meaning “we, the whole of humanity” to “we, the author and some like-minded friends” to “we, an ill-defined mass who uphold an ...

‘Giant obstacle course’: call to reroute major shipping lanes to protect blue whales

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Scientists and conservation groups are calling for one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes to be rerouted in an effort to protect the world’s largest animal. Since 2008, researchers have been painstakingly piecing t...