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Wild cockatoos observed using tools as ‘cutlery’ to extract seeds from tropical fruit

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Wild cockatoos have been observed using three types of tools as “cutlery” to extract seeds from tropical fruit. Researchers made the discovery while studying Goffin’s cockatoos on the Tanimbar Islands, a remote archip...

Paul by Daisy Lafarge review – a beautifully observed debut

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Contrary to its title’s implication, there are three significant figures shaping the course of Daisy Lafarge’s debut novel. Besides Paul himself, a charismatic, self-taught anthropologist who runs a chaotic farm-strok...

Everything Went Fine review – wonderfully observed story of assisted dying

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François Ozon has brought a tremendous understated confidence and artistry to this very affecting film about euthanasia and assisted dying. There is a robust unsentimentality here, encapsulated by the throwaway gestur...