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Michelle Obama announces second book: ‘a toolbox to stay centred’

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A new book by former first lady Michelle Obama will offer readers “fresh stories and insightful reflections on change, challenge and power”, according to her publisher. The Light We Carry, which will be published in N...

Airbnb chief donates $100m to Obama scholarship fund

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The co-founder and chief executive of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, has donated $100m to Barack Obama’s foundation to fund scholarships for students pursuing careers in public service, with the awards including multiple stipe...

‘Democracy will wither’: Barack Obama outlines perils of unregulated big tech in sweeping speech

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Technology companies must be reined in to address the “weakening of democratic institutions around the world”, Barack Obama said Thursday, in a sweeping keynote speech on the perils of disinformation. Speaking at Stan...

La volpe di Capitol Hill catturata dopo aver dato un sorso al deputato - video’ La volpe di Capitol Hill catturata dopo aver dato un sorso al deputato - video

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La volpe di Capitol Hill catturata dopo aver dato un sorso al deputato - video 2017. Il 44° presidente era lì per celebrare l'Affordable Care Act e ha offerto a Biden una pentola...

Barack Obama announces positive test for Covid-19

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Barack Obama has tested positive for Covid-19. “I just tested positive for Covid,” the former president, 60, said in a tweet on Sunday. “I’ve had a scratchy throat for a couple days, but am feeling fine otherwise. microfono...

Republicans fear Michelle Obama presidential run, ex-Trump aide says

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Michelle Obama would put Republicans “in a very difficult position” if she ran for president in 2024, a former Trump aide said, because the former first lady is both popular and “immune to criticism”. Monica Crowley, ...

Obama gives tips to Starmer and Lammy on how Labour can regain ‘winning ways’

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Keir Starmer and the new shadow foreign secretary David Lammy held two hours of private talks with former US president Barack Obama last week about how centre-left parties can return to power – amid new optimism over ...

Barack Obama has a nerve preaching about the climate crisis

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Hundreds of people thronged the corridors at Cop26 on Monday, trying to make it into an event in one of the Scottish Event Campus’s drab plenary rooms. Passing by, I asked a man in the crowd what all the commotion was...

Obama implores world leaders to ‘step up now’ to avert climate disaster

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Barack Obama has called on world leaders to “step up and step up now” to avert climate breakdown, singling out China and Russia for being foremost among countries that are failing to cut planet-heating emissions quick...

Barack Obama backs push for firm 1.5C limit at Cop26 summit

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Developing countries pushing for a climate deal that limits global heating to 1.5C have been given a boost after Barack Obama signalled his support. The former US president said: “Science has made it clear. The danger...

poliziotto26: Obama arriva al vertice; il sondaggio mostra che pochi cambieranno lo stile di vita per il clima – l'ottavo giorno dal vivo

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L'ottavo giorno del vertice di Glasgow si concentra sulla sconfitta, adattamento e danno

‘Don’t sit this one out’: Obama stumps for Virginia governor candidate Terry McAuliffe

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Barack Obama vehemently warned Virginia voters on Saturday against any complacency that what was now a “blue” state would stay that way, as he spoke at a rally to support Terry McAuliffe in the tightening race for gov...

Barack Obama on how uncovering his past helped him plan his future

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I was in my early 30s when I wrote Dreams from My Father. Al tempo, I was a few years out of law school. Michelle and I were newly married and just beginning to think about having kids. My mother was still alive. UN...

Barack Obama scales back 60th birthday party over Covid concerns

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Barack Obama is scaling back the big bash planned for his 60th birthday because of concerns about the national rise in Covid-19 cases, a spokesperson said on Wednesday. “Due to the new spread of the Delta variant over...

Obama planning star-studded 60th birthday bash on Martha’s Vineyard

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Looks like former president Barack Obama is gearing up to throw the (outdoor) bash of the summer. The 44th president is reportedly pulling out all the stops when it comes to his upcoming birthday. Obama, chi si trasforma 60 ...

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