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Alt-milk maker Oatly loses trademark case against family-run UK firm

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A family-run company sued by Oatly for alleged trademark infringement has won a legal battle against the multimillion-pound firm. The Swedish oat milk company Oatly brought legal action against Glebe Farm Foods, a Cam...

Shares in alt-milk maker Oatly surge on US stock market debut

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Shares in Oatly have surged by 30% on the company’s US stock market debut, valuing the alt-milk maker at $13bn (£9.2bn), as investors bet runaway demand from consumers for plant-based food alternatives will continue. ...

Oatly to open one of world’s biggest alt-milk factories in East Anglia

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Swedish alt-milk brand Oatly, which is gearing up for a US stock market listing, has announced plans to open one of the world’s biggest plant-based dairy factories in the UK. The plant, in Peterborough, East Anglia, w ...