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Nurses and shop staff in UK face tide of abuse since end of lockdowns

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People in public-facing jobs are facing rising hostility and verbal abuse since the end of the Covid lockdowns, according to organisations which represent them. Half of all shop, transport, restaurant and hotel worker...

A nurse’s journey from treating Covid in Brazil to death in the US desert

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As coronavirus tore through the Valley of Paradise, a farm-flanked backwater in the Brazilian Amazon, Lenilda dos Santos, a nurse technician, stood on the frontline clutching hands most feared to touch. “She was a war...

‘If I get fired, so be it’: the Louisiana nurses refusing to get the Covid vaccine

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Louisiana’s largest hospital systems are requiring their employees to be fully vaccinated, but a minority of nursing staff say they are still considering leaving their jobs instead of getting the jab, citing concerns ...

Statue celebrating the NHS’s Windrush nurses unveiled in London

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A statue commemorating the 40,000 Windrush and Commonwealth midwives and nurses who have answered the call to work for the NHS has been unveiled in London. The granite sculpture of a woman holding a baby outside the W...

Nurses scrap annual conference over sex harassment claims

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The Royal College of Nursing has said its annual conference will be held online only following “serious allegations of sexual harassment”. L'Unione, which represents some 465,000 health workers, said that after “inde...

Nurses’ pay in England to fall 7% in a decade even after government offer

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Pay for nurses and other NHS staff in England will have fallen in real terms by more than 7% da 2010, even if they accept the latest offer from the government, according to new analysis that will fuel rising anger ...

Whitehall non-executive jobs ‘pay up to 14 times more than junior nurses’

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Appointees to Whitehall oversight jobs are being paid up to £20,000 for 15 days’ work a year – 14 times more than junior nurses – according to Labour, amid new calls for transparency on ministerial appointments. The p...

NHS nurses: are you considering leaving your job?

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A nurse who cared for Boris Johnson when he was in intensive care with Covid-19 has handed in her resignation, citing “lack of respect” for the NHS and healthcare workers. We would like to hear from NHS nurses and hea...

Nurses receive activist training to mobilise for strike action

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Up to 25,000 nurses are training to become activists to help Britain’s nursing union force Boris Johnson to improve his “pitiful” 1% NHS pay offer. The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) hopes the move will help it achiev...

Baby born on plane that happened to be carrying doctor and neonatal nurses

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A woman who went into labour prematurely on a plane was fortunate to have chosen a flight with some highly qualified fellow passengers. Lavinia “Lavi” Mounga was travelling from Salt Lake City to Hawaii on 28 April fo...

Japan nurses voice anger at call to volunteer for Tokyo Olympics amid Covid crisis

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The organisers of the Tokyo Olympics have sparked anger in Japan’s medical community after they asked 500 nurses to volunteer at this summer’s Games. The request came as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and o...

Australia’s aged care nurses still in the dark about promised ‘pop-up’ vaccination hubs

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The federal government is expected to miss a self-imposed target on delivering “pop-up” hubs to vaccinate critical aged care staff and has given no details on the proposal to workers, despite multiple requests for inf...

Greensill wage-advance app used by NHS nurses goes into administration

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A wage-advance app owned by the collapsed-lender Greensill Capital and used by NHS nurses during the pandemic has gone into administration. The Covent Garden-based company, Earnd UK, claimed to serve “thousands of UK ...

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: at least 3,000 nurses have died in year since WHO declared Covid pandemic

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11 March marks first anniversary of WHO described Covid-19 as pandemic; Brazil again suffers record deaths; five countries suspend use of AstraZeneca vaccine

Paying nurses properly doesn’t chime with the Toriespost-Covid vision for society

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As children across the UK return to school, to classrooms of varying ventilation and not-yet-necessarily-vaccinated teachers, as nurses swallow their real-terms pay cut and carry on working, a pattern emerges: this is...

How many nursessalaries does it take to redecorate Downing Street?

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There’s no point demanding a retrospective VAR review on the footage of Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak clapping for the NHS last year. Footballers can be booked for sarcastic applause, but ministers can’t. Comunque, new...

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