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Scottish minister’s wife pursues legal action against Dundee nursery

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Court action is proceeding against a Dundee nursery over claims it discriminated against the wife and daughter of the Scottish government’s health secretary. Humza Yousaf, who is Muslim, e sua moglie, Nadia El-Nakla, ...

The nursery is shut for 10 days – how will my son cope?

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We heard from our friend Mary first. ‘Did you get the call from nursery?’ We checked to see if anyone had called, or left a message informing us our son had lost an arm in a threshing accident. Within seconds, we had ...

Humza Yousaf launches legal action against Dundee nursery ‘discrimination’

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The Scottish government’s health secretary and his wife have initiated legal proceedings against a nursery near Dundee which they claim discriminated against their two-year-old daughter. Humza Yousaf, one of Scotland’...

SNP’s Humza Yousaf claims nursery discriminated against daughter

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One of Scotland’s most senior Muslim politicians has lodged a complaint against a nursery over suspicions it discriminated against his two-year-old daughter. Humza Yousaf, the Scottish health secretary, alleges a pres...

Website I ordered nursery furniture from has fairytale reviews

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I am pregnant with my first child and ordered nursery furniture from I was sent an invoice for £449.10, offering a discount if I paid by bank transfer. I’ve heard nothing since. When I call I always ge...

Devon nursery worker found guilty of sexually assaulting children

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A teenage nursery worker has been found guilty of sexually assaulting young children he was employed to look after. Jayden McCarthy, now aged 18 ma 16 at the time of the alleged offences in the summer of 2019, assaul...

Teenage nursery worker on trial in Exeter for sexual assault of children

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A teenage nursery worker sexually assaulted eight young children he was employed to look after, una giuria ha sentito. Jayden McCarthy allegedly assaulted seven girls and one boy between the ages of two and four over a two...

England’s nursery schools driven towards extinction, says survey

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England’s remaining state nursery schools are being driven towards extinction by budget pressures and uncertainty over future government funding, according to a survey of the sector’s financial position. A third of th...