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Mohamed Salah’s status at Liverpool backed up by spectacular numbers

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Jürgen Klopp had two things in common with Atlético Madrid’s players in the eighth minute of Tuesday’s enthralling Champions League tie at Wanda Metropolitano. Primero, he didn’t sense the danger when Andy Robertson’s c...

NSO Pegasus spyware can no longer target UK phone numbers

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The powerful spyware used to hack into mobile phones belonging to Princess Haya and her divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton is no longer effective against UK numbers, sources familiar with the software’s developer have sa...

‘Exhausted and underpaid’: teachers across the US are leaving their jobs in record numbers

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Teachers around the United States are quitting or retiring early as schools have reopened for the new academic year and Covid-19 cases among children have surged in recent weeks in the face of some states banning mask...

LAPD to stop requesting civilians’ social security numbers after backlash

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El departamento de policía de Los Ángeles (LAPD) has moved to end its practice of requesting the social security numbers of civilians officers question, after immigrants’ rights advocates raised concerns about potential viola...

British dragonfly numbers soar as warming climate attracts new species

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Six new species of dragonfly have colonised Britain in the last 25 years as dragonflies and damselflies boom in a warming climate. Más que 40% of resident and regular migrant dragonflies and damselflies have increas...

‘Unprecedented’ numbers crossing from Afghanistan to Pakistan

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An “unprecedented” number of people are travelling from Afghanistan to Pakistan through the official border crossing, according to local officials, as the carnage in Kabul after the airport suicide attack has driven m...

GCSE results: pupils achieve record numbers of top grades in England

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Record numbers of top GCSE grades were awarded to pupils in England but the rise remained well below the acceleration seen in the highest A-level grades given earlier this week. Thirty per cent of entries gained grade...

Wild beaver numbers surge to 1,000 across Scotland’s southern Highlands

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Wild beavers have colonised lochs and rivers across the southern Highlands of Scotland after a sharp surge in their numbers. A survey by NatureScot, the government conservation agency, estimates 1,000 beavers now live...

Record numbers of UK students to get first choice of university

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Record numbers of UK students are to be accepted by their first choice of university this year despite a surge in applications and uncertainty over A-level grades, according to the head of the national admissions serv...

UK Covid cases fall for sixth day in a row, but hospital numbers rise

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Coronavirus infections in the UK have fallen for the sixth consecutive day, con 24,950 lab-confirmed cases reported. It is the lowest daily figure in more than three weeks. Hospital admission and occupancy rates – wh...

Coalition believes it has numbers to stop Great Barrier Reef being listed as ‘in danger’

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Australia’s global lobbying offensive to keep the Great Barrier Reef off the world heritage “in danger” list has secured support from at least nine of the 21-member committee that will make the decision, de acuerdo a ...

Johnson to press ahead with lifting Covid rules despite ‘worry’ over case numbers

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Boris Johnson is set to lift Covid restrictions across England on Monday despite Downing Street last night conceding concerns over rapidly rising case numbers as more than 1,200 international scientists and health exp...

Reino Unido Covid en vivo: hospitalisation numbers could reach ‘quite scary’ levels in weeks, says Chris Whitty

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Últimas actualizaciones: chief medical officer warns that England is ‘not yet out of the woods’ ahead of lifting of legal restrictions on 19 mes de julio

‘A tale of woe’: UK butterfly numbers hit by cold, wet spring

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Butterflies across the UK have been hit hard by unseasonably cold and wet spring weather, conservationists have warned. April was the sunniest on record but it also had a record number of frosts followed by the wettes...

Ryanair passenger numbers soar as Covid vaccine restores travel confidence

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Ryanair’s passenger numbers surged in June, with the rollout of Covid-19 vaccination programmes across Europe boosting confidence in air travel. The no-frills airline, which in June reported the biggest annual loss in...

People are quitting their jobs in record numbers. Companies should take note – and treat them better

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Got an advanced degree? Twenty years of experience in your field? The ability to drop everything to respond to work emails? Genial! Then you meet the qualifications for an entry-level job paying miserable wages. But yo...

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