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Sally Rooney novels pulled from Israeli bookstores after translation boycott

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Books by Sally Rooney will no longer be sold in two Israeli bookshop chains, after the acclaimed writer’s decision not to sell translation rights for her most recent novel to an Israeli publisher. Rooney’s novels were...

Top 10 true crime novels

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Fictionalised true crime is an odd sub-genre containing either very bad or absolutely fantastic books. They go beyond the non-fiction recitation of known facts to imagine the subjective experience of the actors, they ...

Top 10 novels of the 1930s

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Being asked to curate a list of the best 10 novels of the 1930s is rather like being invited to tap-dance on a crocodile’s back: impossible to achieve and even harder to fake. But here goes. Below is my list, but ther...

Richard Osman’s second book is one of the fastest-selling novels since records began

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Richard Osman’s follow-up to The Thursday Murder Club, The Man Who Died Twice, has become one of the fastest-selling novels since records began. Published on 16 September, The Man Who Died Twice continues the adventur...

Top 10 novels about long-distance relationships

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The problem of being separated from the person you love is as old as transport. Maar 50 jare terug, international telephone conversations were off the table. Thirty years ago: no internet. My grandad proposed by letter,...

Top 10 novels set in villages

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What comes to mind when you think of a village, no matter where in the world it’s located? Perhaps a place where everyone knows everyone else’s business? A place that is small enough to let an eccentric or two stand o...