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Actualización en vivo de noticias de Australia: Novak Djokovic arrives back in Serbia, Tonga suffers ‘significant damage’ after tsunami

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World tennis No 1 lands in Belgrade after being deported from Australia as French Open introduces a vaccine rule which could block him from playing. Sigue todas las novedades del día

Novak Djokovic storm lingers but play goes on in resentment and relief

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He was nowhere and he was everywhere. Etched into the pavement and lingering in the air, each fragile fragment of an atmosphere carrying resentment and relief and quite a bit in between. Melbourne Park is the home of ...

Novak Djokovic deported for breach of Australia’s border rules, PM says, at odds with government’s legal case

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El primer ministro australiano, Scott Morrison, says Novak Djokovic was deported because he tried to breach entry rules at the border, even though the immigration minister did not dispute the tennis star’s belief he ha...

Covid en vivo: Boris Johnson broke the law, dice Keir Starmer; Novak Djokovic deported from Australia

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Últimas actualizaciones: UK Labour leader says PM broke lockdown rules and then lied; Serbian tennis player’s plane leaves hours after court visa decision

Novak Djokovic faces deportation from Australia after federal court upholds visa cancellation

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Novak Djokovic will be deported from Australia ahead of the Australian Open after the full federal court dismissed the world No 1’s bid to restore his visa. On Sunday the court rejected a challenge to the decision of ...

Novak Djokovic’s visa cancelled: how the controversy unfolded – video

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Novak Djokovic’s Australian visa has again been cancelled just days before the start of the Australian Open.In a statement released on Friday Australia's immigration minister, Alex Hawke, dicho: "Today I exercised my p...

Novak Djokovic visa: Australian minister Alex Hawke says risk of ‘civil unrest’ behind cancellation

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Tennis champion Novak Djokovic, who has been described as a risk to “civil unrest” and a “talisman of anti-vaccination sentiment”, may never get the chance to defend his Australian Open title, facing a three-year ban ...

Actualizaciones en vivo de noticias de Australia: Novak Djokovic será detenido en medio de una batalla legal; Se espera que aumente el número de casos de covid

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La tenista serbia será entrevistada por funcionarios de inmigración, con una audiencia en la corte federal prevista para esta mañana. mientras tanto, Australia espera otro día de grandes números de casos de Covid

Novak Djokovic v Australia is a grudge match for our polarised age

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First they came for the multi-millionaire tennis players with pictures of border form infractions on their Instagram page. And I did not speak out. Actually, no, it’s not quite that. The decision to re-cancel Novak Dj...

La saga de Novak Djokovic deja el Abierto de Australia hecho jirones con un cuadro en crisis

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Hace poco menos de un año, mientras Tennis Australia intentaba lograr la hazaña aparentemente imposible de atraer con éxito al mundo del tenis a través de las fronteras cerradas del país para mantener el 2021 Op. australiana.

Novak Djokovic Q&A: a wild day, what happens next and the legal view

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Another extraordinary day in the Novak Djokovic saga began at 5.52pm local time when Australia’s minister for immigration, Alex Hawke, exerted his personal powers to cancel the men’s world No 1’s visa for the second t...

Novak Djokovic’s slim Australian Open hopes reliant on last-ditch appeal

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Novak Djokovic’s Australian Open hopes are reliant on him winning a last-ditch appeal after another extraordinary day in which the government cancelled his visa for the second time. Shortly before 6pm in Melbourne on ...

Novak Djokovic: Australia cancels tennis star’s visa ahead of Australian Open

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Novak Djokovic’s Australian visa has again been cancelled just days before the start of the Australian Open. El viernes, the Australian immigration minister, Alex Hawke, exercised a personal power to cancel Djokovic’s ...

Novak Djokovic live news updates: Australia cancels tennis player’s visa again

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Australia’s immigration minister, Alex Hawke, has re-cancelled the visa of reigning Australian Open tennis champion

What more could Novak Djokovic have done? Get vaccinated, isolate and get the facts right

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Novak Djokovic has fallen victim to the latest harsh application of border policies by an Australian government, but he still only has himself to blame. On Friday the Morrison government’s immigration minister, Alex H...

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