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Will Harry and Meghan learn the A-list art of saying nothing at all?

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Considering where Meghan and Prince Harry wish to end up, are they blowing it big-time? In the commotion over who the Sussexes are upsetting (royal family, British press, British public, and the real victim in all thi...

Brailsford and Ineos must be fretful that Freeman now has nothing to lose

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To quote Monty Python’s Flying Circus, no one expects the Spanish Inquisition. And until recently, few would have envisaged that the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service of the General Medical Council might play a d...

Thank you for the music, Mr Ottens. Nothing will ever top the mixtape

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The inventor of the cassette tape, Lou Ottens, ha muerto, Envejecido 94. It’s quite a moment for those of us whose youths were defined by the humble mixtape, the ecstasy and the agony of all those unspooling C90s and twisted...

Abuchear a los jugadores de Inglaterra no consigue nada, argumenta Jordan Henderson

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Jordan Henderson ha dicho que los fanáticos que abuchean a los jugadores de Inglaterra por arrodillarse no logran nada y demuestra que la lucha contra el racismo está lejos de terminar.. La disputa por la acción antirracismo ha amenazado, en Inglaterra, a ove ...

Busy doing nothing: Mastering the art of masterly inactivity

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“Doing nothing with a deal of skill,” that is how the 18th-century poet, William Cowper, expressed the concept of masterly inactivity. It is an idea commonplace in healthcare and parenting, where outcomes can be negat...

Life as readers’ editor: ‘Nothing escapes the readership’s attention’

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The readers’ editor has lengthy terms of reference, but in essence this person is a bridge between the readers and editorial – listening to feedback, answering queries, dealing with complaints, and hopefully providing...

'No tenemos nada': tratar el Covid-19 en el sistema de salud quebrado de Papua Nueva Guinea

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En un país donde las enfermeras se ven obligadas a usar paquetes de arroz como guantes y detergente para la ropa como desinfectante, tratar el coronavirus ha sido una tarea enormemente difícil. La editora de Pacific, Kate Lyons, recomienda este artículo a ...

If nothing sticks to this government, it’s because nobody is making it stick

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One of the first things we are taught about liberal democracy is that the structure of a healthy political system has separate branches with distinct responsibilities, so that “checks and balances” will prevent the co...

El jefe del propietario de Grenfell le dijo a un colega que "no hiciera nada" por temor a la seguridad contra incendios

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El director ejecutivo del cuerpo de propietarios de Grenfell Tower les dijo a sus colegas que ignoraran a un residente que advirtió ocho meses antes del incendio que “solo un evento catastrófico expondrá la ineptitud e incompetencia de nuestra lengua ....

There’s nothing ‘great’ about this new British Railways revamp

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No enemy of Tory policy is as savage as a Johnson Tory. Enter Grant Shapps, transport secretary. His proposed reincarnation of British Railways (ridiculously with “Great” attached) ends one of the major failures of mo...

‘Nothing to eat’: Somalia hit by triple threat of climate crisis, Covid and conflict

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Such was the horror that erupted in her village earlier this year that Fadumo Ali Mohamed decided she had no choice but to leave. Through the Lower Shabelle region of Somalia, she walked for 30 kilometres, along with ...

Britain has promised net zero – but it’s on track to achieve absolutely nothing

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Every week governments make headline announcements about saving the planet, and every week their small print unsaves it. The latest puff by the G7 is a classic of this genre. Aparentemente, all seven governments have com...

People Just Do Nothing: Big in Japan review – Kurupt FM crew go global

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Despite having gone off the air in 2018, the BBC mockumentary series People Just Do Nothing, centred on the defiantly clueless crew of a west London pirate radio station, has continued to grow a cult audience. So a mo...

RFU vows nothing will be ‘swept under carpetfor Eddie JonesEngland review

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Bill Sweeney has assured England supporters that next month’s review into their underwhelming Six Nations campaign and the future of Eddie Jones is far from a cosmetic exercise, because the performances left him strug...

‘There’s nothing like it!’ Musical stars return to storm the stage

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We thought we’d be home for a couple of weeks when theatres closed last March. Then maybe a couple of months. We kept shifting our expectations. A lot of people aren’t returning to the business, whether that’s through...

Profesor Peter Stott: "Los negacionistas cuestionan el costo de la acción climática ... no hacer nada cuesta mucho más"

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El profesor Peter Stott es un detective forense del clima que examina la huella dactilar humana en condiciones meteorológicas extremas.. Un especialista en matemáticas, lidera el equipo de seguimiento y atribución del clima del Hadley Center for Climat..

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