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Norway votes – but is Europe’s biggest oil giant ready to go green?

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Norway goes to the polls on Monday in parliamentary elections that are forcing western Europe’s largest oil and gas producer to confront its environmental contradictions. Climate issues have dominated the campaigning ...

What has Norway learned from the Utøya attack 10 anni fa? Not what I hoped

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Any visitor to the island of Utøya, alcuni 38 kilometres from Oslo, is immediately struck by the smallness of it. It measures no more than 26 acres. It was here that, 10 years ago this month, Anders Behring Breivik mass...

UK strikes trade deal with Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein

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A trade deal struck with Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein with provisions for digital paperwork to cut down the time and costs of post-Brexit border bureaucracy has been championed by the international trade secretar...

Norway prime minister fined after breaking Covid rules with birthday party

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Norway’s prime minister has been fined after breaking coronavirus rules when organising a family gathering to celebrate her birthday, the country’s police have said. Erna Solberg was fined 20,000 krona (£1,713), polic...

Twelve crew rescued from cargo ship adrift in huge seas off Norway

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A Dutch cargo ship is adrift in the Norwegian Sea after all of its crew members were airlifted, with some having to jump into the rough waters to be rescued. The Eemslift Hendrika, which was carrying several smaller b...

Cargo ship crew in dramatic rescue after vessel loses power in rough seas off Norway – video

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Footage posted by the the Norwegian Coast Guard shows the rescue of 12 crew members of a stricken vessel in the North Sea. Crew onboard the Eemslift Hendrika made a distress call on Monday, reporting a heavy list afte...

Norway players take human rights stand before World Cup qualifier

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Norway stepped up their protests about human rights violations in Qatar on Wednesday night as they lined up for their game against Gibraltar with t-shirts bearing the slogan “Human rights – on and off the pitch”. Ther...