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Canadian town in Northwest Territories told to evacuate as flooding worsens

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All 4,000 inhabitants of a small town in Canada’s Northwest Territories have been ordered to evacuate as parts of the country struggle with some of the worst flooding in decades. Chief April Martel of the Kátł’odeeche...

Wildfire smoke in Pacific north-west erasing reductions in emissions – study

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The billowing black smoke that has cloaked the US Pacific north-west during wildfire disasters in past years has caused atmospheric carbon monoxide levels to spike, with the contaminants offsetting recent reductions i...

‘We have to adapt’: US Pacific north-west weighs plans to cope with extreme weather

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First came the heavy snow in late December that blanketed Seattle and the surrounding area. Then the torrential rain and flooding hit in early January. One by one, four of the region’s main mountain passes were deemed...

Snow and record rain fuel flooding threat in US Pacific north-west

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At least one person was missing, presumed dead as snow turned to rain and deluged the Pacific north-west on Friday, causing flooding, landslides and avalanche danger in the mountains. A 72-year-old man never returned...

US north-west dodges new ‘atmospheric river’ flooding but threat remains

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Though flooding expected to threaten parts of the US north-west turned out not too bad on Sunday, officials urged residents to remain alert because more rain was on the way to an area subject to lingering effects from...

Pacific north-west grapples with floods as troops deployed to British Columbia

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Troops have been deployed to British Columbia to help stranded residents and search areas hit by landslides and floods after a powerful storm dumped a month’s worth of rain in two days across a swath of the Pacific no...

Pacific north-west floods latest: one dead amid warnings of catastrophic flooding; Abbotsford residents told to evacuate

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At least one dead as heavy rainfall hits western seaboard of Canada and US

Tell us: how have you been affected by the Pacific north-west storm?

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Tens of thousands of people in Canada and the US have been left without power after a large storm hit the Pacific north-west. The Port of Vancouver, the largest in Canada, was cut off by flooding and some highways hav...

Fears death toll will rise as Pacific north-west storm wreaks havoc

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Good morning. At least one person has been killed and several more are feared dead after a huge storm hit the Pacific north-west, destroying highways and leaving tens of thousands of people in Canada and the US withou...

Canada confirms fatalities from floods and landslides after Pacific north-west storm

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Search and rescue officials in British Columbia have confirmed multiple fatalities after a deadly storm hit the Pacific north-west, destroying highways and leaving tens of thousands of people in Canada and the US with...

Rock oysters and crêpe bretonne: eight of the best dishes you can try in north-west France

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National restrictions may apply, please consult government advice before planning travel As the French epicurean and gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin once wrote: “Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce qui ...

North-west England wins more medals for Team GB than any other region

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Forget London and Yorkshire – north-west England is the new home of Team GB’s Olympics medal factory. Athletes from the region – including Britain’s most decorated Olympian, Jason Kenny – took to the podium 22 times a...

Salmon nearly boiled alive in Pacific north-west heatwave captured on video

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Salmon in the Columbia River were nearly boiled to death when water temperatures rose during the Pacific north-west’s record-shattering heatwave, according to a conservation group that has documented the disturbing si...

Fierce wildfires in US north-west threaten Native American tribal lands

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Fierce wildfires in the US north-west are threatening Native American tribal lands already struggling to conserve water and preserve traditional hunting grounds in the face of drought. Blazes in Oregon and Washington...

Record-breaking US Pacific north-west heatwave killed almost 200 people

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The death toll from the record-breaking heatwave that struck the US Pacific north-west last week has risen to nearly 200, with health authorities reporting 116 deaths in Oregon and 78 in Washington state. The data in ...

‘We thought it wouldn’t affect us’: heatwave forces climate reckoning in Pacific north-west

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The record heatwave in the Pacific north-west is forcing a reckoning on the climate crisis, as many living in the typically mild region consider what rising temperatures mean for the future. A “heat dome” without para...

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