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Northern Ireland art group Array Collective wins 2021 Turner prize

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A group of artists from across the sectarian divide in Northern Ireland has won the 2021 Turner prize, the highlight of the contemporary art calendar. The Array Collective is a group of 11 Belfast-based artists who ha...

The guns are gone, but misogyny still stalks Northern Ireland

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When David Tweed died in a crash in County Antrim at the end of October, Ian Paisley Jr, Tweed’s MP, spoke of his sadness: “David was a well-known Ulsterman.” He had been a “leading Ulster and Ireland rugby star”, a “...

Northern Ireland is huge in TV, but post-Brexit reality is far less glitzy

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Bars are full, restaurants are turning away customers who don’t have reservations and, judging by the people laden with bags, the Christmas shopping season is already under way. Belfast has known plenty of crises down...

Amnesty UK accused of ‘spreading false information’ about Northern Territory Covid outbreak

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Amnesty UK has been accused of “spreading false information” about the Northern Territory’s Covid outbreak in an extraordinary joint statement from the territory’s peak Aboriginal health organisation and Amnesty’s own...

Northern politicians continue push for improved rail plan

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Mayors and council leaders in northern England have refused to give up on a new high speed east-west rail line, calling for talks with the government to discuss alternative funding models. A meeting of politicians on ...

England’s attacking intent leading way for northern powerhouses

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The results from the autumn series are in and they make for deeply uncomfortable southern hemisphere reading. Not for 19 years have South Africa, New Zealand and Australia all lost on European soil on the same day and...

Handel styg tussen Noord-Ierland en Ierland ná Brexit

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Die waarde van handel tussen Noord-Ierland en Ierland het die hoogte ingeskiet sedert Brexit met oorgrensbesigheid wat in beide rigtings toegeneem het, amptelike data toon. Syfers wat Woensdag deur die Sentrale Statistiek vrygestel is ...

Italy go into World Cup play-offs after Northern Ireland draw as Swiss qualify

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Italy must go into the World Cup qualifying play-offs after being held to a goalless draw by a brilliant Northern Ireland side at Windsor Park. In the best performance of the Ian Baraclough era, Northern Ireland frust...

Biden strikes down Trump-era plan to remove northern spotted owl habitat

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In a victory for the northern spotted owl, the Biden administration has struck down a Trump-era plan that would have removed more than 3.4m acres of critical habitat for the imperiled bird and opened the old-growth fo...

Northern California sees more and more ‘fire weather’ days, data shows

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On late summer and autumn days, when the hot, howling winds sting the skin and chap the lips, Holly Fisher starts to feel a bit unsettled. So do many of her neighbors in the town of Paradise, a name that evokes bitter...

Northern Ireland is the loser in Boris Johnson’s badly played Brexit game

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Hierdie jaar, Boris Johnson craved the titles of champion of Cop26 and star of G7. He saw something called “global Britain” and hoped it would crown his Brexit triumph, leading the world into a new age of peace and prosp...

Noord-Ierland: bus hijacked and set alight on outskirts of Belfast

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A bus has been set on fire after it was hijacked by four masked men on the outskirts of Belfast. The men boarded the double-decker bus in Church Road near Rathcoole in Newtownabbey, County Antrim, at about 7.45pm on S...

Noord-Ierland minister van gesondheid om Van Morrison te dagvaar oor Covid-uitlatings

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Noord-Ierland se minister van gesondheid dagvaar Van Morrison nadat die sanger hom daarvan beskuldig het dat hy "baie gevaarlik" is oor sy hantering van Covid-beperkings. Robin Swann se regstappe hou verband met 'n goed-gepubliseerde verskyning..

Refugee aid in northern France at risk as Choose Love ends funding

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Seven charities working to provide food, water, blankets and other essential aid to refugees in northern France have warned that they might have to stop their work because celebrity-backed funder Choose Love is ending...

‘Like a scene from Arachnophobia’: large Joro spiders invade northern Georgia

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Northern Georgia has found itself besieged by millions of large yellow, blue and red spiders, in scenes residents say bring to mind the movie Arachnophobia. The Joro spider is an invasive species, native to east Asia...

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