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Norman Fowler: contaminated blood compensation was doomed to failure

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A push in the 1980s for compensation for haemophiliacs infected with Aids through contaminated blood was “doomed to failure” because of opposition from Margaret Thatcher and the Treasury, a former health secretary has...

Norman Bailey obituary

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The generation of British opera lovers who got to know Wagner’s works in the late 1960s and 70s was fortunate indeed that Sadler’s Wells (a partire dal 1974 English National) Opera was mounting its Ring cycle under the musical...

Norman Lloyd obituary

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Norman Lloyd, che è morto invecchiato 106, had the privilege of working as an actor, director and producer with such towering figures as Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, Jean Renoir and Charlie Chaplin; they were also his cl...

Actor Norman Lloyd, who worked with Alfred Hitchcock and Orson Welles, muore invecchiato 106

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Norman Lloyd, whose distinguished stage and screen career that put him in the company of Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, Charlie Chaplin and other greats, è morto. È stato 106. Lloyd manager, Marion Rosenberg, said th...

Teenage Fanclub’s Norman Blake: ‘My first band was the Spanking Newts’

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I got my parents to buy me a bass, because I admired the Clash’s Paul Simonon and thought that would be the easiest instrument to learn. McCormack’s was a Glasgow institution: when the Beatles played the Apollo, quando ...

Greg Norman: ‘I don’t reflect on losing the ’96 Masters – you move on’

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Greg Norman did not prevail at the Masters of 1996 o 2020. È stato, anche se, integral to the narrative of both. Se nient'altro, this emphasises Norman’s longevity as a key figure in his sport. Primo, the positive stor...

Josh Norman: ‘2020 was an awakening for the Black community’

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You might think the high-stakes, white-knuckle lifestyle of an NFL defensive back would generate enough adrenaline to satisfy even the most voracious thrill-seeker. Not for Josh Norman, the nine-year veteran who has b...

Former health secretary Norman Fowler: ‘Some said those with HIV should be in isolation. Perpetually’

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In late 1985, Norman Fowler, who was then the health secretary in Margaret Thatcher’s government, sent a letter to the prime minister. He said that there had been 275 people with Aids in the UK that year. Of these, 14...