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Meat producers say Johnson talking ‘nonsense’ about reasons for labour shortage in sector – UK politics live

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Últimas actualizaciones: chief executive of British Meat Processors Association dismisses PM’s claims and says pig farmers facing a ‘nightmare scenario’

‘It’s nonsense’: Murray lost respect for Tsitsipas after toilet breaks at US Open

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Andy Murray has strongly criticised his first-round US Open opponent Stefanos Tsitsipas for taking lengthy breaks during their marathon five-set match at Flushing Meadows on Sunday. Murray performed at his best level ...

An awkward, lifeless shrine – the Diana statue is a spiritless hunk of nonsense

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Ian Rank-Broadley’s statue of Diana, commissioned by her sons, was kept secret until its unveiling as if it might be wildly provocative. Looking through the artist’s previous oeuvre, I noticed he has a taste for the n...

The Morrison government’s ‘vaccine rollout is not a race’ nonsense tells us a lot about what’s gone wrong

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Given the seriousness of the times, it seems ridiculous for the Morrison government to be mired in whether or not Australia’s coronavirus vaccination rollout either is, or is not a race. But here we are. Mired. Sólo ...

C’mn Abrdn, abndn this clunky new name nonsense

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Don’t look weird and make the name easy to write. In planning to call itself Abrdn, Standard Life Aberdeen has broken two golden rules of corporate rebranding. The new name is an awkward blur that is guaranteed to enr...

Advertencia: tabloids may contain nonsense

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The media has failed to learn lessons from the death of TV presenter Caroline Flack, according to her mother (Informe, 12 marzo). This comes as no surprise, and I don’t see it changing. If a tabloid paper pledged to be...