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"Nadie quiere ser esclavo de Putin": en la primera línea de Ucrania a medida que aumentan las tensiones

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Para Misha Novitskyi, La cuestión de si Rusia invadirá Ucrania no es teórica.. El enemigo es solo 50 metros detrás de una losa de hormigón. De vez en cuando, voces rusas flotan inquietantemente a través de un nadie invernal..

‘Nobody feels unsafe here’: gay footballer Josh Cavallo told he is welcome at Qatar World Cup

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Australian footballer Josh Cavallo would be welcome at next year’s World Cup, the chief executive of the tournament in Qatar has said, despite the country’s laws against homosexuality. The Adelaide United player, OMS ...

La goleada del Manchester United venía: nadie tiene idea de lo que están haciendo

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¿Qué tienen en común Ole Gunnar Solskjær y Alan Partridge?? Ambos necesitan ayuda para construir una prensa. Nadie puede decir que no fueron advertidos. Este es un Manchester United sin absolutamente ninguna cohesión en el mediocampo. Un resultado como ....

‘Nobody cares I have nowhere to live’: wildland firefighters struggle with homelessness

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During his first season as a wildland firefighter with the Idaho Department of Land, Luke Meyer camped out in a decrepit building infested with rodents. Fue 2017 and he was a 20-year-old rookie earning $11 an hour....

‘Nobody ever put hands on me before’: flight attendants on the air rage epidemic

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Alexander Clark had only just boarded the Los Angeles-bound United airliner when the man seated behind him became incensed. As Clark tells it, a flight attendant had repeatedly asked the passenger to alternately stop ...

Justin Trudeau secures a third victory in an election ‘nobody wanted’

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Justin Trudeau has secured a third election victory, but his decision to call a snap election was criticised by political opponents – and even allies – after the Canadian prime minister failed once again to win a parl...

Nobody in ICU fully vaccinated: how one small mistake became fodder for conspiracy theorists – video

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During a Covid-19 press conference, NSW health offical Jeremy McAnulty ‘misspoke’ and inferred that all Covid patients in intensive care had been vaccinated when in fact none of them had been fully vaccinated. The vid...

Mr and Mrs Nobody review – at home with the Pooters

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Mr Pooter declares himself disgusted by “amateur theatricals” in The Diary of a Nobody but its co-authors, George and Weedon Grossmith, had considerable stage success. Weedon acted, wrote plays and managed a theatre; ...

Nobody review – Bob Odenkirk is a blast in action man mode

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Bob Odenkirk, best known for playing a gutter lawyer in Better Call Saul, is not the first name that springs to mind to claim the aggrieved everyman action slot recently vacated by Liam Neeson. But from the opening sh...

Ex-minister Johnny Mercer says ‘almost nobody’ tells truth in Johnson’s government

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Former veterans’ minister Johnny Mercer has launched an extraordinary attack on Boris Johnson’s government, describing it as a “cesspit” and “the most distrustful, awful environment I’ve ever worked in”. A day after ...

Nobody review – Bob Odenkirk betters John Wick in fun action caper

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For any vaguely fit actor over the age of 50, being given your own Taken was briefly seen as an enviable career boost, a chance to relive former glories, a slickly choreographed leap from an early Hollywood grave back...

Serpentwithfeet: ‘Nobody can take my joy. Not the government, not a random white person

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Across the long stretch of the pandemic, with formal face-to-face interviews replaced by cosy conversations over phones and laptops, we have become used to images of kitchens, living rooms and carefully selected books...

Nobody is more irritating when you are ill than your own family

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What I never noticed before I got Covid was the thriving black market in stories and speculation about the virus, the after-virus and the sheer unadulterated weirdness of the human body. The public sphere is, understa...