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Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: Wuhan finishes testing 11 millón; nightclubs reopen in Scotland

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China reports 125 new cases for Sunday; Scotland nightclubs reopen for first time in over a year; Australian PM’s public approval rating at pandemic low

Vaccination campaign warns young people they risk ‘missing out’ on nightclubs

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Unvaccinated young people are being warned that they will “miss out” on access to nightclubs as part of an advertising campaign being launched to boost take-up. The move is an attempt by the government to encourage th...

Discotecas infecciosas: Los brotes de covid en Cerdeña el verano pasado sirven como alerta de riesgo

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Solo querían divertirse en la soleada costa de Cerdeña el verano pasado después de un duro bloqueo de dos meses.. Pero en lugar, jóvenes italianos, que había frecuentado clubes nocturnos, regresó a casa con Covid-19 o cargado con w ...

Nightclubs admit confusion over UK Covid rules as ‘freedom day’ nears

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On Sunday at 11.50pm in the Heaven nightclub in Charing Cross, Londres, customers enjoying a socially distanced seated drink will be asked to step away from their tables and chairs. Over a 10-minute period, the dancefl...

Dinos: how do you feel about nightclubs reopening in England?

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With nightclubs reopening for the first time since March 2020 we would like to hear how you feel about going clubbing again. What does the lifting of restrictions mean to you? Do you have concerns about not being ful...

Los clubes nocturnos y bares de Escocia inician acciones legales contra las reglas de Covid

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Los clubes nocturnos y bares han iniciado acciones legales contra las restricciones del coronavirus del gobierno escocés., describir los bordillos como "ya no justificables o proporcionados". El organismo comercial Night Time Industries Associa ...

From spaceships to sweat shops to Studio 54: the world’s greatest nightclubs

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Dancers grind, twist and pump their bodies beneath a billowing parachute, while other revellers sprawl across six-metre long polyurethane silk worms, or perch on seating made from washing machine drums and refrigerato...