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‘Merry’ Michael Gove seen dancing ‘alone’ in Aberdeen nightclub

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Arms aloft, suit jacket on, Michael Gove has been filmed giving it his all in an Aberdeen nightclub after reportedly trying to avoid a £5 entrance fee by stating that he was the chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. F ...

Can the nightclub industry survive Covid passports?

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It’s the height of summer and trouble is brewing on the doors of England’s nightclubs. From September, Boris Johnson gesê, clubs and other crowded venues will have to ask guests for proof that they have been fully...

Sardinia’s Billionaire nightclub accused of negligence over Covid outbreak

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A nightclub in Sardinia owned by the former Formula One team boss Flavio Briatore has been accused of “epidemic negligence” after an outbreak of Covid-19 there last summer brought the 2020 tourism season on the island...

Autumn Cambridge University Covid cases linked to one nightclub

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Nearly three-quarters of coronavirus cases among University of Cambridge students last autumn have been traced back to a single nightclub, highlighting the risks of reopening venues in the next phase of the UK governm...