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Into the Night review – harrowing, heroic lifeboat story

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Filmed in a breath-holding single take in a small performance space, Into the Night tells the real-life tale of a doomed lifeboat rescue mission off the Cornish coast in 1981. Combining clever camerawork, projected vi...

The night I met Christ at a bus stop in Dalston

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“The poor are always with us. So speaks the man who has not learned to use a whip correctly!” And also thus spake the unsung genius comedian Simon Munnery, in character in his 90s parody of impotent bedsit fascism, L...

Swedish-style ‘meatballs’ and creamy pasta: School Night Vegan’s midweek recipes for tinned beans

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When I say I’m a fan of canned beans, I mean I’m a stan of canned beans. A friend once joked that I could write a cookbook called Doing New Things With a Tin of Beans, which I very nearly mistook for a challenge. Nutr...

Phil Foden and Jack Grealish warned by Pep Guardiola after night out

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Pep Guardiola has warned his Manchester City players that they must behave on and off the pitch in order to be picked for games. Phil Foden and Jack Grealish were pictured on a night out after the 7-0 win against Leed...

Hostages held in Haiti escaped by slipping past armed guards in the night

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Kidnapped missionaries in Haiti found freedom last week by making a daring overnight escape, eluding their kidnappers and walking for miles over difficult, moonlit terrain with an infant and other children in tow, secondo...

Sabato sera in diretta: Tom Hanks aiuta Paul Rudd nell'episodio di Omicron

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Il Saturday Night Live si è concluso 2021 con una nota deludente, grazie all'ondata di casi Omicron che ha reso necessario l'allontanamento del pubblico in studio, la cancellazione della performance di Charli XCX e l'assenza della maggior parte delle o...

UK’s growing army of night workers ‘need rest centres’ for sanctuary

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All-night city rest centres – with staff rooms, canteens and toilets – would provide food-delivery drivers, sex workers and cleaners with “dignity” and shelter from bad weather, a thinktank has said. In a new report, ...

Recensione di Silent Night – mazze da hockey allegre, è la fine del mondo con Keira Knightley

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La tragi-satira apocalittica potrebbe essere la nuova area di crescita del cinema. Don't Look Up di Adam McKay è quasi alle porte e ora ecco questo incubo comico nero straordinariamente strano e schietto del direttore della fotografia diventato regista..

Night Raiders review – search for Native American children turns dystopian sci-fi

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Centring on a dystopian North America where Indigenous children are abducted and placed in state-run institutions to be brainwashed – a detail that recalls the shameful history of Canadian residential schools – this i...

"L'ho scritto dalla prospettiva di una luce notturna": Come potrebbero essere giganti fatti Birdhouse nella tua anima

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Avevamo suonato la serata showcase al CBGB di New York, ma non si è distinto, quindi abbiamo provato invece a suonare insieme ad artisti di performance nell'East Village. Le persone che si sono presentate per guardare le performance artistiche d'avanguardia hanno comprato il nostro c...

Tempesta Arwen: homes in north of England without power for third night

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Tens of thousands of homes in the north of England had a third night without power after Storm Arwen wreaked havoc, bringing down trees and electricity lines across the UK. Parts of northern England had their coldest ...

Lin-Manuel Miranda: ‘Doing Hamilton every night saved me. It kept my head from getting off the swivel’

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About halfway through Tick, Tick ... Boom!, the new movie directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the patrons of a diner in 90s New York all turn to the camera and sing. The movie, Miranda’s directorial debut, is based on the...

Deserters: Spanish police end escaped camels’ night on the town

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Eight camels and a llama were loose on the streets of Madrid overnight after escaping from a nearby circus, Spanish police have said. The animals were spotted at about 5am wandering around the southern district of Ca...

Soundproofing to soft rock: vet tips for a stress-free Bonfire Night for pets

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From safe-haven pubs and soundproofed dens to calming Spotify playlists and pheromone diffusers, desperate pet owners are turning to a number of unusual techniques to try to soothe their anxious pets on Bonfire Night....

Bonfire Night bangers: how to make sausages the star of the show

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Sausages are my go-to quick dinner, but I always rely on the same recipes. How can I jazz them up? Tessa, Glasgow “I love sausages in any guise, and the simpler, the better,” says Stosie Madi, chef and co-owner of the...

Last Night in Soho review – a deliciously twisted journey back to London’s swinging past

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“It’s not what you imagine, Londra,” says Rita Tushingham in this deliciously twisted love letter to Britain’s cinematic pop-culture past. Director and co-writer Edgar Wright, whose CV runs from the rural action-comed...

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