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Nicholas Kristof quits New York Times to explore run for Oregon governor

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A Pulitzer prize-winning journalist has quit the New York Times after 37 years ahead of a potential run for governor of Oregon. Nicholas Kristof, 62, renowned for his coverage of human rights issues around the world,...

Texas hit by floods as Tropical Storm Nicholas strikes

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Tropical Storm Nicholas is the 14th named storm of the Atlantic’s 2021 hurricane season and formed in the south-west Gulf of Mexico last Sunday before tracking just east of far southern Texas, eventually making landfa...

Texas on alert as Tropical Storm Nicholas upgraded to hurricane

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Tropical storm Nicholas has strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane as it headed toward making landfall along the Texas Gulf Coast, and was expected to bring heavy rain and floods to coastal areas from Mexico to stor...

Tropical Storm Nicholas strengthens off Texas coast, threatening rain and floods

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Tropical Storm Nicholas was strengthening off the US Gulf coast on Monday and could make landfall in Texas as a hurricane, bringing heavy rain and floods to coastal areas from Mexico to storm-battered Louisiana. Forec...

Making sure the ‘big peoplepay their taxes would be a boost to democracy

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Nel mese di giugno 2016, while researching an article for Vanity Fair, I asked Donald Trump if he was using tax havens to escape tax. “I know a lot about tax havens, but I don’t use them,” he told me. “There is greater incentive...

Jeff Bezos thinks our cultural heritage is just ‘intellectual property’

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Questa settimana, Amazon acquired the hallowed movie studio MGM for a sum of $8.45bn, second in size to the company’s $13.4bn purchase of Whole Foods in 2017. The day before, the attorney general of Washington DC sued Amazon...

George Floyd should be alive today

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Tuesday’s pageantry surrounding the verdict of Derek Chauvin’s trial felt like a looming hand coming down to put placating pressure on the masses like a weighted blanket. There’s little to say that can be considered t...

Beware the actoplasm! Spoof thespian Nicholas Craig returns

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If you’ve ever marvelled at an actor “truthpumping”, “perf-quaking” or spraying their “actoplasm” across the front row then you’ll be familiar with the wisdom (and luvvie lexicography) of Nicholas Craig. The spoof the...

Scientists need to face both facts and feelings when dealing with the climate crisis

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Over the course of my career, the climate crisis has changed from something only experts could see – reading clues trapped in frozen air bubbles or statistical patterns in long-term data sets – to something that every...