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Welcome to the all new Guide! The Guardian’s pop-culture newsletter

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Hello and welcome to The Guide, the Guardian’s new and improved weekly pop-culture newsletter. Every Friday, I’ll be cramming the biggest film, tv, musica, podcasting and gaming stories into one handy, inbox-friendly m...

Design Review: get the newsletter for the way we live now

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‘Design’ is a word used to describe architecture and products, ideas and visual arts. Design makes your sofa comfortable, but it can also save the planet if you’re developing innovative building materials. In this age...

Sign up to The Fiver email newsletter

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Every weekday, we’ll deliver a roundup the football news and gossip in our own belligerent, sometimes intelligent and – very occasionally – funny way. Still not convinced? Find out what you’re missing here. Explore a...

Dominic Cummings promises No 10 revelations in paid-for newsletter

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Dominic Cummings is planning to publish a paid-for newsletter in which subscribers can learn about his time inside Downing Street. Boris Johnson’s former top aide has launched a profile on Substack, a platform that al...