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Hype House: Netflix series shows the depressing side of TikTok fame

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The Hype House, a collective of some of TikTok’s most famous stars in the hills north-west of Los Angeles, appears to be a very lonely place even with somewhere around 10 residents between the ages of 17 en 23. Bird’...

Bly noukeurige resensie – jou nuwe Netflix-binge-horlosie? Hierdie onweerstaanbare riller

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Veertien van skrywer Harlan Coben s'n 31 romans, word ons vertel, moet vir Netflix aangepas word. Jou kilometers kan verskil, natuurlik, maar aangesien ek 'n skaars versadigbare aptyt vir bingeable rillers het, Ek sien dit as meer belowend...

Untrained blind student lands starring role in Netflix second world war epic

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Thousands of hopefuls auditioned for the lead role of a blind character in an epic second world war drama series for Netflix that is based on a Pulitzer prize-winning novel. But the producers of All the Light We Canno...

The Guide #11: the YouTuber going viral for his Netflix knockoff

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I’ve long been fascinated with the mega-YouTuber Jimmy ‘Mr. Beast’ Donaldson, who is 23 years old and richer than God. There’s something perennially fascinating about basically all YouTubers who sit at the top of the ...

Netflix scraps film version of Alice Sebold book after rape conviction overturned

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Plans to adapt Alice Sebold’s memoir Lucky, about her rape as an 18-year-old, have been dropped, according to Variety. The news comes after the rape conviction at the heart of the 1999 memoir was overturned last week....

South Korean horror Hellbound takes over Squid Game as most popular Netflix series globally

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Another South Korean fantasy horror series from Netflix has become an overnight global phenomenon, with Hellbound toppling Squid Game as the most-watched TV show on the streaming platform. According to FlixPatrol anal...

Love Hard review – Netflix Christmas romcom is easy to like

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It might only be early November but ’tis already the season for Netflix to litter its halls with boughs of cheap Christmas content, the most obvious time of the year for the streamer to model itself after the Lifetime...

Netflix stel die eerste lokprent vir Tiger King vry 2

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Die eerste sleepwa het vir Tiger King aangebreek 2, die opvolg van die verregaande en eties twyfelagtige dokumente oor 'n vete tussen private dieretuin-eienaars wat 'n wegholsukses op Netflix geword het in die vroeë dae van die p..

Hipnotiese resensie - 'n sluwe Netflix-riller sal jou laat slaap

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In Netflix se slordige fliek-van-die-week-riller Hypnotic, hipnose word gebruik as 'n instrument van terreur, maak dat mense óf aaklige dinge doen óf glo dat aaklige dinge aan hulle gedoen word. Vir iemand onder die spel...

Night Teeth review – stylish Netflix vampire horror needs more bite

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There’s a frustrating dissonance to the pre-Halloween Netflix horror Night Teeth, slick packaging belying rotten innards. While the director, Adam Randall, finds inventive ways to break out of the drab Netflix visual ...

TechScape: From Friends to Squid Game – why Netflix viewing figures matter

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I’m going to try to convince you that you should care about exactly how many people watched the moral panic-inducing hit Netflix series Squid Game. Ja, I know there’s a lot going on in the world. But bear with me: Ek ...

Netflix employees join wave of tech activism with walkout over Chappelle controversy

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Employees at Netflix will halt work on Wednesday in a virtual walkout to condemn the streaming platform’s handling of complaints against Dave Chappelle’s new special. The action is the latest in a string of highly vi...

Hannah Gadsby condemns Netflix as an ‘amoral algorithm cult’ amid Dave Chappelle controversy

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Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby has hit out at Netflix and its co-chief executive Ted Sarandos, accusing him of dragging her name into the controversy over the company’s release of Dave Chappelle’s standup special T...

Netflix fires employee trans activist for allegedly leaking internal documents

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Netflix has fired an employee organizer for allegedly leaking internal documents as the fallout over offensive comments in the new Dave Chappelle stand-up special continues. The streaming platform confirmed to the Gua...

Netflix edits Squid Game phone number after woman deluged with calls

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Netflix has edited out a phone number that appears in its hit series Squid Game after a South Korean woman and others who use similar combinations were deluged with calls – with some callers even asking to join the sh...

There’s Someone Inside Your House review – empty Netflix cancel culture slasher

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There’s obvious business sense behind the cyclical resurgence of the teen slasher, age-old formula cheaply reproduced by barely-paid no-names aimed at an easily devalued and underestimated younger audience. What’s les...

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