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Omicron Covid variant prompts nervous governments to impose travel curbs

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The Omicron variant of coronavirus has been detected in several more countries, prompting nervous governments to impose tough travel restrictions to try to keep it at bay while scientists race to establish how dangero...

‘Nervous giddy excitement’: relieved Melbourne residents enjoy weekend out of lockdown

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From St Kilda to Coburg the traffic is heavy in Melbourne for the first time in months. The bars are filling up and friends are having long hugs as the world’s lockdown capital sheds its Covid restrictions and opens u...

Laid-back parent or a nervous worrier? Take our quiz to find out your parenting style

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From sleepovers and shopping to soft play, how much independence do you give your kids?Whatever your parenting style, feel connected to your child with Neo, the smart kids’ watch. Find out more at Vodafone

I adore secondhand shopping, but my neighbours’ yard sales made me nervous

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My least favourite memories are the involuntary ones – the ones that flash up in the mind’s eye without warning, like a computer processing error. Even painful memories aren’t so bad if I’ve summoned them, but for the...

Nervous about socialising again? Here’s how to handle the end of lockdown

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If the limit of your conversational prowess this past year has been to grunt through Zoom meetings, discuss dinner plans with your flatmate, nag your children or make passive-aggressive comments to the cat, you may fe...