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Nerves, speranze, dreams: why Euro 2020 will be a tournament like no other

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It is billed as an 11-city football extravaganza from Baku to Bucharest, Seville to St Petersburg. But when Euro 2020 kicks off a year and a day later than planned in Rome on Friday night, a continent will be holding ...

Nerves in the Commons as MPs await Boundary Commission report

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Some time before midday on Monday, quite a lot of English MPs will start getting distinctly twitchy. It is then that they will first see the results of a major redrawing of parliamentary boundaries, with a number of s...

Hideki Matsuyama masters Japan’s golfing nerves to lift pre-Olympic spirits

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Hideki Matsuyama has recorded one of Japan’s greatest international sporting successes after winning the US Masters golf , months before Tokyo is scheduled to host the summer Olympics. His compatriots were preparing f...

Murder, tension, suspense: I’m not sure my nerves can cope with any more TV

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How do you decide what to watch on telly? Sometimes you want a real bit of escapism, and so don’t mind watching a brother and sister have sex before trying to take over an empire (Game Of Thrones). Or you’d like to wa...

John McGinn’s double settles Scotland nerves against Faroe Islands

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Where would Scotland be without John McGinn? It is a question that Steve Clarke must hope he will never have to answer after the Aston Villa midfielder scored twice and Che Adams registered his first international goa...

Nerves, relief and excitement: parents in England welcome return to school

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At Button Lane primary school, Wythenshawe, Manchester, there was an air of excitement as children eagerly greeted their classmates. For most, it had been nearly three months apart, but for some children it was their ...