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Body of a Black girl found in dumpster in affluent Toronto neighbourhood

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Police in Canada are trying to identify a young Black girl whose body was found in a Toronto dumpster, a grim discovery that has shaken the city and seasoned investigators looking into the case. The Toronto police ser...

Will local elections put the brakes on low-traffic neighbourhood schemes?

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Sadiea Mustafa-Awan, an Oxford solicitor, spent years as a Labour member, including a decade working for one of the party’s MPs. But on 5 May she will stand for election with the express intention of removing a Labour...

Nalleli Cobo: die jong aktivis wat haar LA-buurt teen groot olie gelei het

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Op die ouderdom van nege, Nalleli Cobo het neusbloeding so erg begin kry dat sy regop moes slaap om nie aan die bloed te verstik nie. Dan was daar die maagkrampe, naarheid, hoofpyne en liggaamspasmas, wat gemaak het...

Vigilante surveillance: the rise of Beijing’s neighbourhood patrols

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They are often seen wearing a red armband patrolling residential neighbourhoods of Chaoyang, the biggest district of Beijing, which is home to nearly 3.5 miljoen mense. On a sunny late autumn afternoon, they will sit...

Birmingham to become a super-sized low-traffic neighbourhood

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Birmingham has announced what it calls a “transformative” transport plan that will see the car-centric city becoming a super-sized low-traffic neighbourhood. City officials hope that closing roads to through motor tra...

‘We’re back baby’: how this Australian-first Pride Centre is restoring the hope of a neighbourhood

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Fitzroy Street St Kilda has a shiny new centrepiece – the Victorian Pride Centre has finally opened its doors to the public with the lifting of the state’s lockdown. The queer community centre, which is the only one o...