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Brazil players are cleared for Premier League action after days of negotiations

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Premier League clubs have been cleared to play their Brazilian players this weekend after the country’s football federation dropped its demand that Fifa impose the five-day rule. The news follows several days of negot...

Manchester United in final negotiations to sign Raphaël Varane for around £40m

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Manchester United are edging closer to signing the Real Madrid defender Raphaël Varane with the two clubs discussing the finer details of a deal that could cost the Premier League club €50m (£42.7m). Il 28enne ...

British general’s ‘discreet’ effort to revive Afghan peace negotiations

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Britain’s top general, Sir Nick Carter, has been using his personal connections with Afghan and Pakistan leaders in a behind-the-scenes effort to stop Afghanistan sliding into full-blown civil war, and help bolster st...

Global corporation tax reform: what are the key issues in G7 negotiations?

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G7 finance ministers are expected to agree on support for a global minimum corporation tax rate on Friday as part of talks being held in London between the group of wealthy nations. The potential landmark tax reform c...

UK to start negotiations to join Asia-Pacific CPTPP trade treaty

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The UK has moved a step closer to strengthening trade links with Asia-Pacific nations after the 11 members of the region’s overarching trade treaty have agreed to start negotiations for Britain’s entry. Joining the Co...