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Israel to prosecute Hasidic pilgrims who faked negative Covid tests to fly home

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Israel says it will prosecute dozens of pilgrims returning from Ukraine who flew back into the country with fake negative Covid test results. The pilgrims had been attending the annual celebration of the Jewish new ye...

BOA resigned to 14-day quarantine for Team GB athletes despite negative tests

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The British Olympic Association is resigned to the fact that six Team GB athletes will spend 14 days in enforced quarantine after failing in its attempts to spring them out. Hugh Robertson, the BOA chair, said they ha...

Britons will need negative Covid test or both jabs to travel to Balearics

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Britons travelling to the Balearic islands will need to show either a negative PCR test or proof they have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, Spain’s prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, Maandag gesê. The rule...

UK Covid live nuus: data ‘pointing in more negative direction’, says professor Neil Ferguson

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Nuutste opdaterings: decision over whether to delay 21 June lifting of restrictions will be a ‘very difficult judgment call’, says epidemiologist

Greece to ditch quarantine for tourists who are vaccinated or test negative

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Greece will take a first step towards reopening its tourism industry by dropping quarantine rules for travellers from more than 30 nations if they’ve been vaccinated or tested negative for Covid-19. From next week, in...