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Developing nations welcome US climate finance pledge but warn more is needed

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Developing countries and campaigners welcomed the offer of increased climate finance from the US president, Joe Biden, at the UN on Tuesday, but warned that rich countries needed to do more to ensure the poorest recei...

Vaccine passports needed to keep venues in England open, says minister

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Vaccine passports will be required for nightclubs, mass events and large venues in England by the end of September, the vaccines minister has confirmed, saying that would allow businesses to stay open during the winte...

Freddie Ljungberg: ‘Arsenal needed a big trophy every year. I loved it’

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I never, ever get nervous. But the day I made my debut for Arsenal, I remember standing on the side of the pitch ready to come on – and I felt nervous. I’d only been in England for maybe five days. I had managed to pl...

Does Covid immunity wane and will vaccine booster jabs be needed?

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With plans for the UK’s Covid vaccine booster programme this autumn soon to be revealed, we take a look at what we do – and don’t – know about waning immunity after vaccination. How is waning immunity against Covid in...

More awareness and support needed after miscarriage

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A huge thank you for publishing the podcast about baby loss and miscarriage (Today in Focus, 9 Augustus). My husband and I are currently experiencing our third loss, after the stillbirth of our baby boy and a previous m...

Coronavirus live nuus: more lockdowns ‘unlikely’ to be needed, says UK expert; Australia has record day of cases

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Nuutste opdaterings: Neil Ferguson’s claim comes as number of people in hospitals in England with virus falls; Australia suffers worst Covid day this year

After my miscarriages I didn’t need to talk – I needed access to better care

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Taboo is an overused word in the media, is dit nie? Miscarriage, in die besonder, is often described as one of the “last taboos”, although I’ve also seen the label attached to menopause, periods, post-natal depression, fi...

Fiji’s emergency Covid-19 hotline fell silent during the rugby sevens final: we really needed this win

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When the Fijian men’s sevens team beat New Zealand to win gold at the Tokyo Olympics on Wednesday, the entire nation celebrated. The win could not have come at a better time. Fiji is in the grip of a deadly second out...

Tory MP fears Boris Johnson will delay Covid restrictions needed after summer

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Covid restrictions will probably need to be reimposed across England after summer but the government may again delay doing so, a Conservative MP helping lead a Commons inquiry into ministers’ handling of the pandemic ...

Albanese says Australia can’t afford more lockdowns and new Covid quarantine facilities needed now

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Labor leader Anthony Albanese has said the government must immediately build new federal quarantine facilities, saying the country can not afford to keep plunging into lockdowns. Following the commonwealth’s decision ...

‘I needed growing space’: why I escaped to the country

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In February this year, my partner, Chris, and I left London with a car full of boxes, houseplants and our cat, Rumbles. Na 20 years in the capital, we were heading to a new life in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, to...

Fresh support needed if UK lockdowns linger, warn business leaders

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Boris Johnson has been warned by business leaders that a fresh package of economic support would be required if rising Covid-19 infections prevent the further relaxation of pandemic restrictions next month. After the ...

An ear and nostril waxing is exquisitely painful – but just what I needed

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I’ve only ever had three proper cut-throat razor shaves. The first was in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, in 1987. I had been travelling around Yugoslavia for a month and was in need of a haircut. In a pleasingly antiquat...

‘Urgent. Oxygen needed’: Nepalis mobilise to take charge in Covid crisis

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A ping and: “ICU bed needed. Please it’s urgent.” Another ping: “Where can I find Remdesivir. EMERGENCY.” Ping: “Very urgent oxygen cylinder needed, patient at last stage.” The messages never let up; a constant stream...

‘The work continues’: Black Americans stress that police reform is still needed

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Prominent Black Americans expressed relief after white former Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of murdering George Floyd, but warned that police reform, and justice for other victims of police brutality...

‘Where nature needed us the most’: one company’s plan to discover and fund pioneering eco projects

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Ecover’s Fertilise the Future fund aims to discover innovative organisations across Europe that are promoting nature-based solutions to the climate crisisby Ana SantiWhen life gives you lemons, make lemonade – so the ...

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