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Michael Jordan’s Nike Air Ship trainers sell for nearly $1.5m to smash auction record

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A pair of trainers worn by NBA superstar Michael Jordan early in his career have sold for nearly $1.5m, setting a record price at auction for game-worn footwear. The white leather shoes with the red Nike swoosh and so...

Nearly half of Britain’s biodiversity has gone since industrial revolution

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Almost half of Britain’s natural biodiversity has disappeared over the centuries, with farming and urban spread triggered by the industrial and agricultural revolutions being blamed as major factors for this loss. Tha...

Nearly half of toys from third-party online sellers found to be dangerous

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Nearly half the toys purchased from third-party sellers on online marketplaces were dangerous, according to an investigation by an industry body that warns of a “wild west of safety”. The research by the British Toy a...

Nearly all Fox staffers vaccinated for Covid even as hosts cast doubt on vaccine

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The vast majority of employees at Fox Corporation, the umbrella company for the conservative Fox News channel, are vaccinated against coronavirus and those who are not will be required to do daily testing, secondo t...

Quasi 70,000 may die waiting for adult social care before Johnson plan kicks in

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Quasi 70,000 people in England are likely to die waiting for access to adult social care before the changes revealed this week by Boris Johnson come into force, reveals analysis that Labour says “exposes a gaping fla...

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: Taiwan receives first Pfizer doses; vaccination nearly halves chance of long Covid – study

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Taiwan receives delivery organised by tech giants and a charity; likelihood of long Covid in double-jabbed adults who get coronavirus almost half

Derek Bromley to make one last bid for freedom after nearly 40 years in jail for murder

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A man who has spent almost 40 years in prison in South Australia for a murder he says he did not commit will soon make a final bid for freedom. Derek Bromley was jailed for life for the murder of Stephen Docoza, whose...

Nearly half of American workers don’t earn enough to afford a one-bedroom rental

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Nearly half of American workers do not earn enough to rent a one-bedroom apartment, according to new data. Rents in the US continued to increase through the pandemic, and a worker now needs to earn about $20.40 an hou...

‘Pingdemic’: quasi 700,000 contacted by NHS Covid app in one week

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A record 689,313 people in England and Wales were contacted by the NHS Covid app and asked to self-isolate in the week to 12 luglio, underlining the widespread disruption caused by surging case rates. Official data from...

Posta del mattino: Sydney lockdown extended, Simone Biles pulls out, salmon nearly roasted alive

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Buongiorno. Sydney’s Delta variant outbreak means the city’s lockdown has been extended for another month, while criticism of Australia’s vaccine rollout continues. But there’s some hope that younger Australians wil...

Salmon nearly boiled alive in Pacific north-west heatwave captured on video

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Salmon in the Columbia River were nearly boiled to death when water temperatures rose during the Pacific north-west’s record-shattering heatwave, according to a conservation group that has documented the disturbing si...

Met police seize nearly £180m of bitcoin in money laundering investigation

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Metropolitan police detectives investigating international money laundering have seized nearly £180m of bitcoin. The seizure by the Metropolitan police’s economic crime command follows a confiscation of £114m of the c...

US in race against Delta variant as Covid cases rise in nearly half of states

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Good morning The US is in a race against the Delta variant amid rising Covid cases in nearly half of states and fears of another surge. More than nine out of 10 Americans who died from coronavirus in June were unvacc...

Three members of Stockwell Six cleared after nearly 50 anni

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Three black men who were jailed for allegedly attempting to rob a corrupt police officer nearly 50 years ago have finally had their convictions overturned by the court of appeal. Courtney Harriot, Paul Green and Cleve...

US troops leave Afghanistan’s Bagram air base after nearly 20 anni

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After nearly 20 anni, the US military has left Bagram airfield, the epicentre of its war to oust the Taliban and track down the al-Qaida perpetrators of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.The airfield was handed over to the ...

Melbourne private school cut fees after receiving nearly $20m in jobkeeper

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An elite Melbourne private school offered parents fee discounts of 20% last year after it received nearly $20m in jobkeeper subsidies. Wesley College in Melbourne, which charges some of the highest private school fees...

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