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Treasury sells £1.1bn of NatWest shares back to bank

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Taxpayers’ stake in NatWest has been reduced after the government sold £1.1bn of shares in the bank, which was bailed out during the financial crisis more than a decade ago. The government’s stake in NatWest, formerly...

NatWest nearly doubles profits in first quarter

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NatWest Group nearly doubled profits in the first quarter, as it credited government support programmes for preventing a wave of customer defaults during the Covid crisis. The bank said there were now “reasons for opt...

Treasury to sell £1.1bn in NatWest shares, cutting taxpayer stake to 54.8%

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The government has launched the sale of a £1.1bn stake in NatWest to cut the British taxpayer’s holding in the bank, which was bailed out during the financial crisis more than a decade ago. In the second selldown this...

NatWest preparing for just 13% of staff to work in office full-time

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NatWest Group is preparing for a future where just 13% of staff work from the office full-time, as it becomes the latest major business to plan new remote working rules beyond the pandemic. Di 8,300 staff will be e...

London office life not likely to return to pre-Covid practices, NatWest chair says

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The chair of NatWest, one of Britain’s biggest banks, has said office life in London is unlikely ever to return to how things were before the coronavirus pandemic. Howard Davies said he expected lasting cultural chang...

NatWest profits rebound, as markets slide ahead of eurozone GDP figures – business live

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UK taxpayer-owned bank announces fresh round of dividends, as Asian and European stock markets retreat

NatWest returns to profit, with Treasury in line for £190m payout

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NatWest Group has returned to profit and announced plans for a fresh round of dividends and share buybacks that will result in a payout of at least £190m for the Treasury. The majority taxpayer-owned lender – formerl...

NatWest gives RBS the full makeover including carpets, couches and cafes

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It was a lingering reminder of Royal Bank of Scotland’s former boss Fred Goodwin: the blue and yellow carpets that were allegedly handpicked by the disgraced banker, who was blamed for the bank’s near-collapse more th...

NatWest faces £340m fine after admitting ‘money-laundering’ failings

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NatWest faces a fine of up to £340m after admitting three counts of failing to properly monitor £365m deposited into the account of a Bradford jeweller. It is the first time a financial institution has faced criminal ...

Natwest fined £264m after taking deposits of laundered cash in bin bags

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NatWest has been fined more than £264m for anti-money-laundering failures that involved black bin liners stuffed full of cash being deposited, and sums so large that one branch’s two floor-to-ceiling safes proved “ina...