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The Guardian view on swallows and swifts: nature’s messengers

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Swifts are back in UK skies, putting an end to the annual hiatus when nature seems to hold its breath, awaiting successive waves of migrant birds whose twittering is the soundscape of summer. But these are worrying ti...

Nature’s Paris moment: does the global bid to stem wildlife decline go far enough?

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Can nature have its own Paris moment? It’s the question facing countries negotiating a new United Nations agreement aimed at stemming the global loss of wildlife. La semana pasada, the UN convention on biological diversity ...

Tardigrades: nature’s great survivors

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En 11 abril 2019, a spacecraft crashed on to the Moon. The Israeli Beresheet probe was supposed to land gently in the Mare Serenitatis, a huge plain of basalt rock formed in a volcanic eruption billions of years ago. ...