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China’s troll king: how a tabloid editor became the voice of Chinese nationalism

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Su 2 novembre, the Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai posted a long message on the social media site Weibo, accusing China’s former vice-premier, Zhang Gaoli, of sexual assault. As soon as the post went live, it became th...

Radicalized Christian nationalism is a growing threat to American democracy

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Forget everything you ever thought you knew about pregnancy: a 26-year-old congressman, who will never be pregnant himself, has helpfully stepped in to explain the process to everyone. A fetus is just like a photograp...

New Zealand faces growing challenge from Chinese nationalism, defence report warns

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New Zealand faces “a substantially more challenging and complex strategic environment”, in large part because of China’s rise and “increasingly strong nationalist narrative”, according to a stark report released by th...

Death threats sent to participants of US conference on Hindu nationalism

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An academic conference in the US addressing Hindu nationalism is being targeted by rightwing Hindu groups, which have sent death threats to participants and forced several scholars to withdraw. The conference, titled ...

British Sea Power change name to avoid ‘antagonistic nationalism’ connotations

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The UK band British Sea Power have changed their name to Sea Power, to avoid connotations with “isolationist, antagonistic nationalism”. In a statement on their website, they say the original name was borne of “the el...

Backstory to Polish nationalism

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I cannot speak for Hungary, but the very nuanced account of Polish and Hungarian illiberalism (The long read, 24 giugno) omits some crucial dimensions – notably the influence on the Polish psyche of national messianism,...

The Observer view on the dangers of vaccine nationalism

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A week ago, there was a palpable sense that spring was approaching and that our long Covid winter was coming to an end. All the data told the same story – of a virus being forced into retreat by a superbly orchestrate...