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‘Cat Torturers names withheld’: Edith Sitwell’s gossipy address book found

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Edith Sitwell was known for her scathing assessments of her contemporaries as much as for her poetry, famously dismissing FR Leavis a “tiresome, whining, pettifogging little pipsqueak”, and DH Lawrence as “a plaster g...

‘Genius dogs’ can learn names of more than 100 toys, lo studio trova

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Your dog might follow commands such as “sit”, or become uncontrollably excited at the mention of the word “walkies”, but when it comes to remembering the names of toys and other everyday items, most seem pretty absent...

‘My full name is Tanyaradzwa’: the stars reclaiming their names

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When the director of her earliest film asked Thandiwe Newton if they could use her “authentic and beautiful” first name for her character, the young actor felt flattered and agreed. They later dropped the “w” from her...

‘We ought to try more’: how to pronounce footballers’ names

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International tournaments expose us to new players, teams and styles of football. Euro 2020 gave us the chance to watch North Macedonia and Finland on such a grand stage for the first time. Although, what can be excit...

10 essential tricks for remembering people’s names

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Say what you will about the rule of six: at least it was easy to keep up with everyone. Now that most restrictions in the UK have been lifted, we might not only be catching up with acquaintances we have not seen for w...

Airbnb blocks Oregon hosts from seeing guests’ names in push against racial bias

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Airbnb rental hosts in the state of Oregon will no longer be able to see guests’ names before approving their bookings, according to a new plan announced by the company. The policy update is specific to Oregon, for no...

BBC names 20 of the people who drowned when dinghy sank in Channel

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Most of the people who lost their lives when their flimsy dinghy sank in the Channel last month have been named for the first time in a new investigation. The BBC World Service has named 20 of the people who travelled...

Biden names Erika Moritsugu as Asian American liaison amid rise in hate crime

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The White House announced Wednesday that Erika Moritsugu will serve as the administration’s Asian American and Pacific Islander senior liaison and deputy assistant to the president. The appointment is a part of multip...

Chile’s president-elect names progressive, majority-women cabinet

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Chile’s millennial president-elect, Gabriel Boric, has named a progressive cabinet, with a ministerial team which for the first time anywhere in the Americas is dominated by women. Boric, a 35-year-old former student ...

Czech police hunt two men with names matching Skripal suspects

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Czech police said on Saturday they were seeking two Russian men in connection with a 2014 blast that killed two people. Gli uomini, loro hanno detto, hold passports used by the suspects in the attempted poisoning of Sergei Skri...

Czech police hunt two men with names matching Skripal suspects over blast

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Czech police have said they are seeking two Russian men in connection with a 2014 blast that killed two people. Gli uomini, loro hanno detto, hold passports used by the suspects in the attempted poisoning of Sergei Skripal. Il...

DeSantis names doctor opposed to masks and vaccine mandates as Florida’s surgeon general

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A medical professor who is opposed to mask and vaccine mandates, attacked concern over the pandemic as “Covid mania” and likened the eating of fruit and vegetables to the benefits of vaccination has been named as Flor... names allyship as word of the year for 2021

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Allyship, an old noun made new, is’s word of the year. The site with 70 million monthly users took the unusual step of anointing a word it added just last month, though “allyship” first surfaced in the...

Do people’s names affect their personality?

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Do people’s names affect their personality? Max Crane, Sydney Post your answers (e nuove domande) di seguito o inviarli a Una selezione sarà pubblicata domenica.

Nomi di Eddie Jones 21 giocatori esordienti per il ritiro di 34 uomini dell'Inghilterra

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Anche per i suoi standard normali, Eddie Jones ha dato un vigoroso giro alla ruota di selezione nominando 21 giocatori esordienti in una rosa di 34 giocatori per la serie estiva dell'Inghilterra. In assenza dei suoi inglesi & leoni irlandesi...

Ex-bikie and missing property magnate among Australian names granted Vanuatu citizenship

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A former Comanchero bikie and a missing property magnate owing hundreds of millions of dollars after his businesses collapsed are among Australians granted citizenship through Vanuatu’s controversial citizenship-by-in...

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