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Lutalo Muhammad: ‘I thought people were just excited to see taekwondo’

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This Olympics has seen the rise of new British stars, from the likes of Tom Dean and Duncan Scott in the pool to Tom Pidcock and Georgia Taylor-Brown on a bike. But one of those who has shone brightest is someone who ...

Jason Mohammad: ‘I was spat at for being Muslim. That’s just how it was’

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Jason Mohammad wants to talk, which will come as no surprise to observers of this most ubiquitous of broadcasters. Después de todo, this is a man who as well as being the main presenter of BBC’s Final Score and occasional h...

Everton pitch João Virgínia in at deep end against Manchester City

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Essentially for Everton, it comes down to this. A season of promise and progress has provided a lift to everyone associated with the club during this most unsettling of times, but ultimately there needs to be tangible...

Boxing fans revel in cathartic energy of Anthony Joshua v Oleksandr Usyk

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Speak to those who were lucky enough to be at fights in this country and elsewhere at the height of the pandemic and many will tell you they did not feel that lucky at all. As was the case in other sports, the lack of...