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How we met: ‘He said my nails looked nice, and I knew there was something there’

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India was working for the police force in St Augustine, Florida, in Februarie 2019, when she visited an accountancy firm during one of her routine patrols. “I was going around the local businesses to introduce myself,”...

Practically perfect? How a new kind of nanny novel nails parents’ angst and anger

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There’s a line at the opening of Kiley Reid’s hit debut, Such a Fun Age, that encapsulates the drama at the heart of the recent spate of nanny novels. Emira, a young black woman dressed for a night out, is stopped by ...

The Eyes of Tammy Faye review – Jessica Chastain nails gaudy TV evangelist

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Terug in 2011, the sudden ubiquity of Jessica Chastain – from small-screen blink-and-misses to big-screen “oh her again” hits – meant that doors that had previously been closed were now opening, a relative embarrassmen...