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Mystery shopper: the elusive West Ham investor Daniel Křetínský

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Daniel Křetínský has made a fortune snapping up leftovers from the old economy. The Czech billionaire owns a clutch of coal companies, and in recent years he has made waves with investments in pillars of the old econo...

Dürer’s Journeys review – magical sensual mystery tour is slowed to a sedate plod

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In Albrecht Dürer’s print The Sea Monster, a woman lies, quite happy with her lot, on the back of a bizarre beast as he swims away with her. He has a scaly body, bearded human face and antlers. Wearing nothing much bu...

La que se escapó: El misterio del atraco a un banco de Cleveland resuelto después 52 años

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Antes de que Thomas Randele vendiera autos de lujo y enseñara golf en los suburbios de Boston, antes de casarse y tener una familia, los alguaciles federales dicen que era Theodore John Conrad, quien llevó a cabo uno de los mayores ladrones de bancos..

Azor review – a slow-burning mystery set in Argentina under the junta

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Su 1980, Argentina is under a military dictatorship, and Swiss banker Yvan (Fabrizio Rongione) has just arrived in Buenos Aires from Geneva. Discretion is crucial in his line of work. Azor, we hear, is slang for “be...

Mystery of the environmental triggers for cancer deepens

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Scientists will have to rethink how environmental triggers allow tumours to form and develop, one of Britain’s leading cancer experts warned last week. Michael Stratton, director of the Wellcome Sanger Institute, said...

Murder, missing money and cover-up claims: South Carolina family mystery grips America

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It’s a story as thick and unctuous as South Carolina’s low country mud. Those in the know aren’t talking, and those who don’t know are. But with six active investigations, including a murder inquiry, the case of Richa...

Dubai: A Riveting Mystery – Jessica Alba and Zac Efron’s new tourist ad continues a Captivating Saga

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If you’ve been paying attention, you will have noticed that neither Jessica Alba or Zac Efron are very good at hiding their disdain for Hollywood. It has been a decade since Alba has acted in anything approaching a hi...

TV esta noche: murder mystery meets reality TV on Murder Island

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A fun concept, esto: there’s been a fictional murder on a Scottish island but, instead of a charismatic detective with a messy private life, the case will be tackled by members of the public. The mystery has been dev...

Croatian police seek to identify mystery woman found on perilous rock

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Croatian police have released a picture of a woman who they say speaks “perfect English” but is unable to tell them who she is or how she came to be found on a jagged outcrop of rock off the island of Krk. The news we...

Mystery deepens as police search for fiance of missing Gabby Petito

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Más que 50 law enforcement officers on Sunday started a second day of searching in a vast Florida wildlife reserve for 23-year-old Brian Laundrie, a person of interest in the disappearance of his fiancee, Gabby Peti...

Auckland permanecerá en estricto bloqueo mientras Nueva Zelanda lucha contra misteriosos casos de Covid

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La ciudad más grande de Nueva Zelanda, Auckland, permanecerá bajo un estricto bloqueo durante al menos otra semana, La primera ministra Jacinda Ardern ha anunciado, mientras el país lucha para acabar con un brote de la altamente infecciosa ...

Revisión de la Caja - caja misteriosa de huesos enciende la inquietante historia del padre sustituto

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El adolescente Hatzin va camino a casa con los restos de su padre en una caja cuando mira por la ventana y ve una cara familiar en la calle.. Salta del autobús y el hombre se da la vuelta.. Si la caja contiene a Esteban, la...

Revisión de la esposa de un espía: thriller de misterio de guerra de doble y triple trato

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Kiyoshi Kurosawa probablemente se haya acostumbrado desde hace mucho tiempo a ver las palabras "sin relación" después de su nombre.; y este cineasta japonés, en cualquier caso, ha establecido su propio distintivo, valiosa presencia en el cine asiático. Solo...

Vigil episode three recap – motives emerge amid the murky mystery

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Alerta de spoiler: this blog is for those watching Vigil on BBC One. Don’t read on unless you have watched episode three. The morally murky submarine drama – AKA Line of Boaty, AKA 20,000 Leads Under the Sea – reached its...

The artist, the mafia and the Italian job: is heist mystery about to be solved?

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Even after he found fame as one of the most important 20th-century British artists, Leon Kossoff never got over the distress of losing 14 paintings and six drawings in an unsolved theft. A much-loved portrait of his m...

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