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‘Muslims were so demonized’: Mehdi Hasan, Zainab Johnson, Keith Ellison and more on 9/11’s aftermath

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Twenty years ago, 19 men flew commercial planes into New York’s Twin Towers and the Pentagon in Washington DC. A total of 2,977 people died and several thousand others were injured. The world watched as the United Sta...

‘I was shocked’: alcohol-free drinks create conundrum for young Muslims

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When 20-year-old Hibah Dannaoui started working as a waitress, she was surprised to discover a new category of drinks: non-alcoholic beverages that are meant to imitate the taste of alcohol. A practising Muslim, Danna...

Muslims across Indonesia mark grim Eid al-Adha as Covid crisis deepens

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Muslims across Indonesia marked a grim Eid al-Adha festival for a second year on Tuesday as the country struggles to cope with a devastating new wave of coronavirus cases. Indonesia is now Asia’s Covid-19 hot spot wit...

Il cantante folk Mustafa: "Sto cercando di preservare i ricordi dei giovani musulmani neri"

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Apparendo su una chiamata Zoom dal suo appartamento di Los Angeles, sfoggiando il bianco, zucchetto kufi traforato indossato nelle moschee, 24-Mustafa, musicista canadese di un anno, è molto lontano da Regent Park, il prevalentemente nero, lavoro...

‘Their passion is off the scale’: how the Ramadan Cricket League supports young Muslims

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It has just gone 10pm on Tuesday in Birmingham and Edgbaston’s cavernous indoor school, usually closed at this late hour, is echoing with the cheers and laughter of some friendly but competitive cricket being played. ...

UK Muslims: how will you be observing Ramadan during the pandemic?

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This year Ramadan will begin on 12-13 April in the UK, with Muslim communities expecting the experience to be different, despite some restrictions being relaxed since the start of the pandemic last year. Though mosque...