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UK’s warmer, wetter weather sparks bumper year for mushrooms

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The UK is having a bumper year for mushrooms due to the warm, damp weather, says scientists, with an increase in the number of rare and unusual species identified. Members of the public have been sending in unusual sa...

Gaia review – attack of the killer mushrooms

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The mushroom is having a moment. Its magical qualities and deep connection with the Earth have been explored in numerous recent releases, including Louie Schwarzberg’s Fantastic Fungi. Also journeying into the curious...

Second Afghan evacuee boy dies in Poland after eating toxic mushrooms

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A second child of an Afghan family evacuated from Kabul to Poland has died after eating soup containing death cap mushrooms, which the family had unknowingly gathered in a forest outside their quarantine centre. Die s ...

Afghan evacuee boy dies in Poland after eating mushrooms

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Doctors at Poland’s main children’s hospital have said a five-year-old Afghan boy, recently evacuated from Kabul, has died and his six-year-old brother, who has undergone a liver transplant, remains in life-threatenin...

TV vanaand: can magic mushrooms alleviate depression?

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As rates of depression continue to rise in the UK and the coronavirus pandemic promises significant mental health consequences, a team of scientists and therapists – led by former government drug adviser Prof David Nu...

Can magic mushrooms really help you understand Bitcoin?

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Naam: The shroom boom Age: Ancient rock art in Castilla-La Mancha in Spain suggests that Psilocybe hispanica, one of the mushrooms that contains the psychoactive compound psilocybin, was taken in religious ceremonies ...