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Diplomacy dialled up to 11: Australia saddles up with US as Indo-Pacific heads for cold war

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Ever flexible, ever the pragmatist, Scott Morrison started thinking about his new “forever partnership” with the United States and Britain 18 months ago while Australia was still tied to a $90bn contract with France t...

Jill Murphy obituary

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The children’s author and illustrator Jill Murphy, que ha muerto de cáncer a la edad 72, was loved across generations for picture books that capture the essence of childhood in a realistic yet magical way. Her career began ...

Jill Murphy, children’s author and illustrator, muere envejecido 72

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Beloved children’s author and illustrator Jill Murphy has died at the age of 72. Murphy was best known for writing children’s book series The Worst Witch and The Large Family. Murphy’s publisher Macmillan announced th...

Politics rides roughshod over substance as Scott Morrison tries to spin his way out of Covid corner

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What a strange and unfulfilling day Tuesday was. The government released modelling from the Doherty Institute. This is important, weighty material, and the public is anxious and aggravated. It would have been sensible...

Morrison offers microaggression and deflection, when all we want is an apology – and a solution

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It was hard to keep up. A reporter asked Scott Morrison on Wednesday whether he would consider appealing directly to the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (Atagi) to change their medical advice on As...

‘A pained love letter to boyhood’: Cillian Murphy and Max Porter on their new film

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When Max Porter and Cillian Murphy first worked together, Murphy got so wired from performing that he couldn’t sleep. The project was a theatrical adaptation of Porter’s novel Grief is the Thing with Feathers, en el cual ...

We’ve ridden Barnaby’s boom bust cycle before. God knows what’s to come

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It’s been a week where problems broke containment lines. Sydney battled its scary coronavirus outbreak, locking down local government areas by Friday. In Canberra, Barnaby Joyce managed to barge his way back to the de...

Getting Australia’s trade deal over the line with lamb, pavlova and a side of ‘soft diplomacy’

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On Monday morning, we saw one of those organic redirections that sometimes happen in politics. If the Nationals hadn’t lunged to take out their leader Michael McCormack, another story about Scott Morrison and an undec...

The Morrison government’s ‘vaccine rollout is not a race’ nonsense tells us a lot about what’s gone wrong

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Given the seriousness of the times, it seems ridiculous for the Morrison government to be mired in whether or not Australia’s coronavirus vaccination rollout either is, or is not a race. But here we are. Mired. Sólo ...

Cillian Murphy: ‘I was in awe of how Helen McCrory lived her life’

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Cillian Murphy, star of the new horror sequel A Quiet Place Part II, is something to behold: X-ray eyes at once penetrating and ethereally blue, cheekbones so pronounced you could stretch out and go to sleep on them. ...

Scott Morrison lectured the states against snap border closures – now he’s done exactly that

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Karl Stefanovic, the breakfast television host, opened Tuesday morning with a bouncer. “Prime minister, good morning to you. Do you have blood on your hands?” With cows mooing gently around him in Rockhampton, Scott M...

Mark Selby beats Shaun Murphy to win fourth World Snooker Championship

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Mark Selby fended off a late Shaun Murphy resurgence in a high-quality World Snooker Championship final to seal his fourth title 18-15 at the Crucible on Monday. Having won seven out of the nine frames played on Sund...

Mark Selby v Shaun Murphy: World Snooker Championship final – live!

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Mark Selby fights back to lead Shaun Murphy after first day of final

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Mark Selby threatened to squeeze the life out of Shaun Murphy as he seized the advantage in the second session of their World Snooker Championship final at the Crucible. Selby won seven out of the nine frames played o...

Why Abrdn’s loss of vowels is not such a ‘rdcls’ rebrand

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Once upon a time, at the mouth of the river Don on the Scottish coast, there was a town called Aberdon. Somewhere along the way, without any fanfare, its final vowel changed. Today we call it Aberdeen. Once upon last ...

Shaun Murphy se remonta a Kyren Wilson en semifinales para aumentar las esperanzas

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Shaun Murphy ganó los dos últimos fotogramas del día para darse un rayo de esperanza en su búsqueda por alcanzar su primera final del Campeonato Mundial de Snooker en seis años.. Murphy parecía dispuesto a dejarse un insuperable ....

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