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Police name man suspected of Kettering murder-suicide

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Police have named a man suspected of murdering 22-year-old Maddie Durdant-Hollamby before killing himself and confirmed that he was in a relationship with her. Officers confirmed that Benjamin Green, 41, lived with Du...

Deaths of police officer and son treated as suspected murder-suicide

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The deaths of a police officer and his three-year-old son in Kidderminster are being treated as a suspected murder-suicide. West Mercia police assistant chief constable Damian Barratt said that although the deaths of ...

County Cork father and sons died in murder-suicide, coroner rules

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Three members of an Irish family riven by an inheritance dispute died in a murder-suicide that was “beyond comprehension”, a coroner’s inquest has found. Tadg O’Sullivan, 60, and his son Diarmuid, 23, shot dead Diarmu...