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Murder, missing money and cover-up claims: South Carolina family mystery grips America

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It’s a story as thick and unctuous as South Carolina’s low country mud. Those in the know aren’t talking, and those who don’t know are. But with six active investigations, including a murder inquiry, the case of Richa...

Murder inquiry after boy, 14, fatally injured at Glasgow railway station

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A murder investigation has been launched into the death of a 14-year-old boy who was fatally injured at a railway station in Glasgow. Justin McLaughlin was found seriously hurt at High Street station in the city centr...

Revisión de Arracht - balada homicida en irlandés de hambruna e injusticia

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Su 1847: un irlandés canta una balada asesina sobre el héroe popular Colmán Sharkey, un campesino que mató a tiros a su casero. Pero la historia que emerge en este duro drama atmosférico es que la matanza no fue así..

Por qué la primera condena por asesinato de Robert Durst podría no ser la última

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Durante años, las ruedas de la justicia se movieron tan lentamente contra Robert Durst, el heredero de bienes raíces de Nueva York con un rastro de cadáveres que salpican su vida increíblemente encantada, que la familia y los amigos de sus víctimas temían que no ....

Wife stabbed husband and put knife in again as he called 999, murder jury told

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A 66-year-old former military administrator stabbed her 78-year-old husband at their Somerset home and told a 999 operator: “I thought I’d get his heart but he hasn’t got one,” a murder jury has been told. Penelope Ja...

Hombre admite haber matado al hotelero Richard Sutton en Dorset, pero niega haberlo hecho

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Un hombre ha admitido haber matado al millonario empresario Richard Sutton, que fue encontrado con heridas de arma blanca en su mansión de Dorset, pero ha negado el asesinato. Thomas Schreiber, 34, También se declaró inocente del intento..

Saudi aide accused of directing Khashoggi murder edges back to power

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Three years after the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi royal court adviser accused of directing the murder is being quietly reintroduced by pro-government influencers as a patriotic figure who has served hi...

Stephen Port identificado como "testigo importante" después del primer asesinato, la investigación escucha

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El asesino en serie Stephen Port fue identificado como un "testigo importante" y la policía supo de una acusación anterior de violación masculina en su contra pocas horas después de que se encontrara el cuerpo de su primera víctima de asesinato., una investigación tiene h ...

Brazilian player charged with attempted murder after attack on referee

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A Brazilian footballer has been charged with attempted murder after he brutally kicked a referee in the head during a lower league game in the south of the country. The player, William Ribeiro of Sport Club São Paulo,...

Murder Island review – a contest to solve the killing of a young woman? Bad timing

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It’s possible that the timing is not propitious for the launch of a new entertainment series centred on the investigation of a young woman’s murder. The outrage surrounding the conviction of a serving Metropolitan pol...

TV esta noche: murder mystery meets reality TV on Murder Island

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A fun concept, esto: there’s been a fictional murder on a Scottish island but, instead of a charismatic detective with a messy private life, the case will be tackled by members of the public. The mystery has been dev...

Sarah Everard murder: Met to launch review of standards and internal culture

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The Metropolitan police is launching a review of professional standards and internal culture within the force, led by a high-profile anti-sleaze adviser, following the rape and murder of Sarah Everard by a serving off...

After Sarah Everard’s murder, police powers need to be curbed not strengthened

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From the moment Sarah Everard was stopped by Wayne Couzens, she probably never had a chance. He was armed with a police badge, belt and handcuffs; with strength, power and authority. The lockdown laws, which have huge...

Women given mixed advice on checking police identity after Sarah Everard murder

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Police have told women to ask an officer for his warrant card if worried about his identity in the aftermath of the sentencing of Sarah Everard’s murderer – despite the fact her killer used his official ID to ensnare ...

Sabina Nessa: garage worker in court accused of ‘predatory’ murder

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A man has appeared in court accused of the “predatory” murder of the primary school teacher Sabina Nessa. Garage worker Koci Selamaj, 36, allegedly attacked the 28-year-old as she walked through Cator Park in Kidbrook...

Sarah Everard murder: Wayne Couzens given whole-life sentence

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Wayne Couzens has received a whole-life sentence for the kidnap, rape and murder of Sarah Everard. The former Metropolitan police officer abused his police powers and knowledge to lure the 33-year-old off a south Lond...

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