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Seuntjie, 15, stabbed multiple times at school in Cumbria

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A 15-year-old boy has been flown to hospital after being stabbed multiple times at school, allegedly by a fellow pupil. Police were called to Walney school in Cumbria after the knife attack at about 10am on Tuesday. ...

Covid reinfection: how likely are you to catch virus multiple times?

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Anecdotal reports of Covid reinfection in the UK are growing, including people testing positive just weeks apart in December and January, or having had the virus three or even four times. Children are also being seen ...

Lords inflict multiple defeats on ministers with misogyny voted a hate crime

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The House of Lords has voted to make misogyny a hate crime in England and Wales, in a night of several defeats for the government in the upper chamber. The law change would enable judges to impose stronger penalties i...

Storm Barra: multiple warnings issued for Ireland and UK

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There are warnings of dangerous coastal waves, atrocious driving conditions, travel delays, flooding and potential damage to buildings for when Storm Barra sweeps across Ireland and the UK. Engineers were engaged in a...

Australiese politiek lewendige nuusopdaterings: Asic neem 'veelvuldige' aksies teen Westpac; nasionale kabinet om verspreiding van Omicron Covid-variant te bespreek

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Asic neem 'veelvuldige' aksies teen Westpac; Scott Morrison sal staats- en gebiedsleiers byeenroep om na Victoria oor kwarantynreëls te besluit, NSW en die ACT het 'n 72-uur-vereiste vir alle internasionale doeleindes ingestel..

Vertel ons: have you contracted Covid-19 multiple times?

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Have you contracted Covid-19 three or even four times? We would like to hear from people who have been reinfected by the virus multiple times during the pandemic. How many times have you contracted Covid? Were you rei...

Verskeie faktore dui op 'n Australiese oorwinning van As, maar Engeland het steeds hoop

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Daar was 'n effense antiklimaktiese gevoel by die aankondiging van die Engelse span vir die komende Ashes -toer. Miskien was dit net natuurlik. Die bestuur van Engeland het, na alles, het twee jaar lank daaroor gepraat ...

Christina Applegate describes ‘tough road’ following multiple sclerosis diagnosis

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Christina Applegate, the actor known for her roles in films like Anchorman and Bad Moms, announced on Twitter overnight that she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. “A few months ago I was diagnosed with MS. ek....

California wildfire destroys multiple homes as state’s largest blaze intensifies

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Flames racing through rugged terrain in northern California destroyed multiple homes on Saturday as the state’s largest wildfire intensified and numerous other blazes battered the US west. The Dixie fire, which start...

Macron orders multiple inquiries into leaked Pegasus project data

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Die Franse president, Emmanuel Macron, has ordered multiple investigations to be carried out after his phone number, as well as those of his former prime minister and the majority of his 20-strong cabinet, appeared in...

Multiple sightings of missile launcher before MH17 shot down, hof gesê

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Multiple witnesses saw an anti-aircraft missile launcher that had secretly crossed into eastern Ukraine from Russia in the hours before it shot down the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, a trial in the Netherlands has he...

San Jose shooting: multiple people dead, sê die polisie

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Police reported multiple fatalities and injuries after gunfire erupted on Wednesday at a railyard in San Jose. A Santa Clara county sheriff’s spokesman, Deputy Russell Davis, said he could not specify the number of fa...

Vertel ons: do you have multiple chronic pain conditions?

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A person with a chronic pain condition can sometimes start to accumulate more than one, which is known as a chronic overlapping pain condition. As part of a project on long Covid and other chronic conditions, we would...

Tourism to EU countries this summer may require multiple Covid certificates

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British and European holidaymakers should be able to visit EU countries this summer but may have to deal with multiple, potentially unconnected health certificates unless the bloc can agree on cost, privacy and techni...

‘The city has multiple bullet wounds’: mayoral candidate Maya Wiley on healing New York

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When Maya Wiley announced her candidacy for New York major – known as the second hardest job in the US – it seemed like her résumé was tailored to the moment. It was early October last year, and the city was reeling f...

Multiple tornadoes tear across US south-east causing deaths and wreckage

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Blaring tornado sirens and howling winds roared across parts of western Georgia early Friday as severe storms pounded southern states, including in Alabama where at least five people died in twisters that wrecked home...

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