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Muhammad cartoonist Lars Vilks reportedly dies in car crash

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The Swedish artist Lars Vilks – who has lived under police protection since his 2007 sketch caricaturing the prophet Muhammad brought death threats – has died in a car crash, according to multiple Swedish media report...

Blood Brothers: the friendship and fallout of Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali

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Blood Brothers’ director, Marcus A Clarke, wants to show us a side of Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali that we’re not familiar with, which is a considerable challenge. The two civil rights icons are the subjects of multiple...

Nico Ali Walsh wears gift from grandfather Muhammad Ali in debut win

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Nico Ali Walsh, the grandson of former heavyweight champion and boxing legend Muhammad Ali, defeated Jordan Weeks by technical knockout in his professional boxing debut on Saturday. Middleweight fighter Ali Walsh is t...

Taekwondo pundit Lutalo Muhammad becomes BBC’s breakout Olympic star

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The BBC has faced a lot of criticism over its Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games coverage, but one element that seems to have only attracted praise has been the reassuring and calm presence of Lutalo Muhammad giving his experti...

Kurt Westergaard, Danish cartoonist behind Muhammad cartoon, muere envejecido 86

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Danish artist Kurt Westergaard, known for drawing a caricature of the prophet Muhammad that sparked outrage around the Muslim world, has died at the age 86, his family told Danish media on Sunday. Westergaard died in ...