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Ben Jennings on the US anti-abortion movement – cartoon

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The ‘Spider-Manof Sudan: the real-life superhero of the protest movement – documentary

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In Sudan's capital, Khartoum, an anonymous protester dressed as Spider-Man joins the hundreds of thousands of protesters desperate to protect their fragile civilian government after the military coup in October 2021. ...

Trump the hero for anti-abortion movement after bending supreme court his way

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“I’m very pro-choice.” So said Donald Trump in an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press in 1999, attributing his views on abortion to “a little bit of a New York background”. Two decades later, the businessman and reality...

‘Silence guarantees nothing will change’: film-makers challenge the anti-abortion movement

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When Audrey Diwan first started writing a script about abortion, people would ask her why. Adapting Annie Ernaux’s memoir about the author’s struggle to obtain an illegal abortion as a student in 1960s France, Diwan k...

‘I suffered for my rage’: Sofia Helin on Lust, The Bridge and the collapse of Sweden’s #MeToo movement

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Nel 2021, Sofia Helin wrote herself a note and stuck it on the wall of her home office. “Be in your own force,” it read. “Don’t go into anyone else’s power. Be your own.” At the time, the actor – star of the iconic Sca...

Rivelato: autism charity chief has links to anti-vaccine movement

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A British autism charity that received hundreds of thousands of pounds in national lottery funding has links to the anti-vaccine movement and is being jointly run by a campaigner who likened the Covid-19 jab rollout t...

The global ‘freedom movement’ is a carnival of crank and conspiracy – and very dangerous

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The far right “trucker convoy” that has paralysed Ottawa might be singularly shocking, but what disturbs the most is it’s not unique. “Freedom” protests similar in form and simultaneously nebulous in broadly anti-vax/...

‘This is a national movement’: union drives surge at US Starbucks stores

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A union organizing drive among workers at corporate run Starbucks stores, the largest coffeehouse chain in the world, has surged in recent weeks throughout the US, organizers and workers say. The development comes in ...

Seth Meyers on Trump rally: ‘At some point you just have to admit this is a pro-insurrection movement’

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Late-night hosts responded to a shocking if not surprising admission from Donald Trump this weekend, with a Sunday night statement that said the quiet part out loud: that Vice-President Mike Pence could have overturne...

Like a bully in the school yard, Fox News sets its sights on the anti-work movement

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Nel 2013, the subreddit r/antiwork was born. “Unemployment for all, not just the rich!” read its tagline. America was experiencing a mood change at that time. Occupy: The Movie had just hit theaters, lodging the epon...

White nationalists are flocking to the US anti-abortion movement

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This weekend’s March for Life rally, the large anti-choice demonstration held annually in Washington DC to mark the anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision, has the exuberant quality of a victory lap. This, the 49th an...

Women of the Movement review – sensitive but unfocused Emmett Till series

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Women of the Movement, an ABC anthology series on the often overlooked or underappreciated women of the American civil rights movement, opens with tears of agony – that of a young Mamie Till (Broadway star Adrienne Wa...

Workers across the US are rising up. Can they turn their anger into a movement?

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Throughout 2021, American workers stood up and fought back to an unusual degree. Workers went on strike at Kellogg’s, Nabisco, John Deere, Columbia University and numerous hospitals, while non-union “essential” worker...

LV= sell-off could knock the mutuals movement for six

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Dopo 178 years of history, mutual insurer LV= faces a crunch moment this week, when its members decide whether to sell to US private equity firm Bain Capital. In a deal worth £530m that was first mooted a year ago, T...

Why do so many people hate Insulate Britain? Inside the controversial protest movement

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Guardian reporter Damien Gayle spent two months with the environmental campaigners Insulate Britain as they blocked motorways, glued themselves to road networks, got arrested multiple times and defied injunctions bann...

America’s anti-abortion movement has a secret dirty weapon: gerrymandering

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America is at a crossroads when it comes to abortion. Nel 2021, state legislatures have passed an unprecedented 106 anti-abortion bills. State lawmakers in five states are preparing legislation similar to Texas’s SB 8,...

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